September 24, 2023

More than 5 million views were received Peri Zaad


Parizaad-screen short

To answer all these questions, the fans are connected with the life of the fairy-tale, but in the last episode, Dr. Sharjeel has become an obstacle in the way of the love of the fairy-tale. Will he snatch his fortune from his rival?

The 26th episode of Pari Zad also ran away to the fans. In just a few hours, more than 5 million views were received. Is.

The unique drama ‘Peri Zaad’, which is being aired on Hum TV, is receiving accolades from its first episode due to its cast and strong story.

The drama serial is based on the novel of Perizaad Hashim Nadeem and the main character of this drama is being played by actor Ahmed Ali Akbar. This character is getting a lot of attention from the fans.

 It is a drama that reflects aspects of our society and the caste of individuals that are not easily accepted by those around us. As the main character of this drama is played by the fairy son of Ahmed Ali.

The Parizaad is the story of a young man who is not accepted by this society because of his black complexion. It is being pushed away at every step of life.

Apart from the role of Parizad, Ahmed Ali’s performance is also being liked by the people. People say that the subtlety, skill and beauty with which Ahmed Ali is playing this role is unique and exemplary.

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