September 22, 2023

Mobile phone saved Ukrainian soldier’s life

Ukrainian soldier

A mobile phone saved a Ukrainian soldier’s life when it stopped bullet killing him.

The soldier was in the trenches as gunfire and explosion raged overhead on the Ukrainian frontline.

In the dramatic incident, firing is heard nearby from what is believed to be Russian forces.

This is poised to be lifesaving story for generations of Ukrainians to come.

Legends tell of soldiers being saved by by Bibles or coins in their pockets.But having your life saved by a mobile phone will be up there for those in a new digital era.

And the Ukrainian soldier is likely to keep safe the sometimes annoying modern distraction that saved his life.

A video has gone viral where the astonished soldier is seen producing the phone from his clothing and passing it to his fellow fighter as the pair take cover.

The case of the mobile phone has bullet lodged in it and hole with a sharp piece of metal sticking out.

Russian forces are believed to have fired the ammunition, but there is no detail on what type of phone the fighter was using.

Many posters joked online joked about the indestructibility of old-fashioned Nokia phones.

No name can be seen on the device but many thought the soldier was saved by a Samsung mobile.

One user on social social networking platform Reddit said: “There’s no way that a smartphone + a thin layer of steel can stop a direct hit from 7.62x39mm at typical firefight range.

A user called Visibly thumbled bullet supported this claim.

But added: “Still lucky though. Even a significantly slowed down tumbling bullet can wreak havoc.”

A further poster on Reddit said: “Such a lucky fluke that can change the future, never loose [sic] that phone.

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