October 2, 2023

McDonald’s in Russia under a new name

The current brand’s menu is smaller than McDonald’s and does not include Big Mac, some other burgers and desserts.


The famous American food chain McDonald’s has opened in Russia with a new name.

According to Russian media, the restaurants that will be opened in Moscow have Vakonso & Tochka written on it, which in Urdu means “delicious and simply”.

The reason for rebranding a big name is said to be that the Russian people continue to live in a Western style.

According to the report, McDonald’s had announced its withdrawal from Russia after the invasion of Ukraine and said that it would sell its 850 restaurants.

On Sunday, the food company opened its first restaurant in Moscow, which bought McDonald’s.
The company says it plans to open all 850 outlets.

A grand opening ceremony was held in Pushkin Square in Moscow, which seems to have copied the American company at every opportunity.

Fish burgers, chicken nuggets and double cheese burgers are on the menu.

“Our goal is to ensure that our customers do not feel any difference in quality or environment,” said Oleg Perov, chief executive of Vixno & Tochka.

According to the report, the new name has been given to the Russians of the past who have become accustomed to using Western goods.

The uniforms of restaurant staff members read, “Same smiles.”

In the same way, these words are also written: “The name changes, love remains.”

When the first McDonald’s opened in Pushkin Square in 1990, there was a smile on the faces of employees that the Russians still remember.

The launch of McDonald’s 32 years ago also marked the arrival of Western goods and services in the Russian economy.

Rows of people lined up in front of restaurants at the opening on Sunday, but they were much smaller than those in front of McDonald’s during the Soviet era.

“We need to avoid quality degradation, we loved McDonald’s,” said Sardana Doncia, who lined up to get her food, who was also present at the opening of McDonald’s 32 years ago.

The current brand’s menu is smaller than McDonald’s and does not include Big Mac, some other burgers and desserts.

The double cheese burger costs 129 rubles (31 2.31), compared to 160 rubles at McDonald’s, and the fish burger sells for 169 rubles compared to McDonald’s 190 rubles.

Alexander Merkulov, the company’s quality manager, said: “The method of making burgers has not changed, but McDonald’s equipment is being retained for its manufacture.”

McDonald’s restaurants in Russia closed in March, while the food chain said in May that it had decided to leave the country altogether.

And so, after the military invasion of Ukraine on February 24, a great deal of business left Russia.

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