October 2, 2023

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson together on red carpet

Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson were seen together on Thursday at the premiere of The Kardashians on Hulu.

Rumors started stirring about their links back in October 2021 after the Kardashian and Davidson appeared on Saturday night live hosting.

The New York native talked and smiled during the event.

Kim, 41, pulled out all the stops, posing in a high-fashion look that complimented her curves.

Pete rejected his “all casual” look and cleaned up in a classy black suit with a pair of shades for his red carpet appearance.

Whereas, Kim Kardashian left all eyes mesmerized with her elegant silver dress highlighting her features. Wearing a silver neckpiece and bracelet, Kim choose an up-do as her hairstyle for the red carpet event.

The Kardashian star was seen enjoying the limelight while posing for the cameras. She was seen heading down the red carpet with Pete Davidson both holding hands and smiling.

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