October 2, 2023

Justice Aisha Malik took oath of the Supreme Court’s first female judge

He said that today the first time the Supreme Court will look at the real sense of population, it is very good opportunity.

Justice Aisha Malik

Justice Aisha Malik pic Umar Shahzaib

The ceremony was held in the Supreme Court, in which the Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Gulzar Ahmed took a Supreme Court judge as Justice Aisha Malik.

Talking to the media on the occasion, Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed said that Justice Aisha Malik is the judge based on his ability, we will not take any credit.

On this occasion, journalist asked the Chief Justice, who questioned Justice as a judge in the name of Justice Aisha Malik or a woman? In response to which he said ‘female’.

Attorney General Khalid Javed Khan, it is an important day of history of Pakistan that the first female judge in the history of the country has been deployed in the Supreme Court, which is happy for everyone.

He said that today the first time the Supreme Court will look at the real sense of population, it is very good opportunity.

The Supreme Court judges in the ceremony, Attorney General for Pakistan, senior lawyers, La Officers and La and Justice Commission of Pakistan, attended the ceremony.

It was believed that on January 6, Judicial Commission approved the Lahore High Court Justice Aisha Malik to set justice as a judge in the Supreme Court.

Regarding the Judicial Commission’s meeting, Federal Minister for Promotion Naseem, told reporters that the Judicial Commission has historically decided and the first time in Pakistan’s history was appointed as a judge of a woman’s Supreme Court.

Later, after the approval of the President January 22, the Federal Ministry of Law and Justice had issued the notification to deploy Justice Aisha Malik to the Supreme Court.

Justice Aisha’s deployment was after several months of discussion, where many experts believed that it is a violation of the principle of Senate because he was a senior judge in the Lahore High Court.

The arguments in favor of their deployment was that the Constitution is not the principle of seniority for the judge in the Supreme Court under Pakistan, and in the history of the country, the judges have been deployed without provincial high courts.

The name of Justice Aisha country was not approved at the meeting of Judicial Commission in September 2021.

Introduction to Justice Aisha Country

Justice Aisha Malik born in Lahore in 1966 and earned early education from Paris and New York and then completed senior Cambridge from Karachi Grammar School.

He studied the law from Pakistan College of Laa in Lahore and then to LLB Harvard La School Cambridge, Massachochoostis, America, where he was named London Hamon’s Fellow in 1998-1999.

Justice Aisha Malik should work as a chairport in the Lahore court, with Rizvi, Jesus, Afridi and Angel La Firm, and then work as a charge in the Lahore office of firm.

He was deployed to the Lahore High Court in 2012 and at that time he is working as the fourth senior judge.

They are considered to be a specialist of banking, NGOs, Micro Finance and Sciences Training Programs.

He worked research and reading Banking La at Punjab and College of Accounting and Management Sciences are taught in Karachi.

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