September 24, 2023

Julia Fox open up about romance with Kanye

Julia Fox open up about romance with Kanye

Being around rapper Kanye West, according to Julia Fox, was “like a crash course in how to be famous.” And some of it was even true.

The two were, of course, involved in a whirlwind six-week relationship that included about 15 days in each other’s company, according to her account. On Valentine’s Day, it was revealed that Fox had dumped Ye — his new legal name. And now she’s shifted her perspective on their involvement from real to, oh, slightly to the left of real.

“I mean, there were definitely elements of it that were real,” the “Uncut Gems” told the New York Times in a recent interview, when asked for the truth about their time together, which began when they met sometime on New Year’s Eve.

Elements such as, perhaps, the hotel suite full of clothes he provided for her to choose from on their second date? Because it occurs all the time in real relationships.

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