September 22, 2023

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonnet split after 17 years

They did not mention the word “divorce” in their statement, but did confirm their separation.

Lisa Bonnet split after 17 years

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 The two actors confirmed their separation in a joint statement on January 12, stating that the two had become independent.

The two actors also posted on Instagram about the separation and wrote that both are ending the relationship with respect dignity and they will jointly take care of the children.

Although the two have confirmed their separation, they have not made it clear what the differences were between them and whether they have approached the court for a divorce or whether the divorce has been settled between them.

They did not mention the word “divorce” in their statement, but did confirm their separation.

The couple married in 2017 after spending more than a decade together and have two children.

The couple got married in 2004 and had their first son in 2007 and a daughter in 2008.

The couple legally married in 2017, almost 10 years after the birth of the children, but their marriage lasted less than a year now they have confirmed their separation.

The two are about 12 years apart in age, Jason Momoa being younger than his wife.

Lisa Bonnet married singer Lenny Kravitz  in 1987 as a teenager and early in her career before Jason Momoa, with whom she also has a 33-year-old daughter, Zoe Kravitz, who is now part of the showbiz industry.

Lisa Bonnet’s first divorce was in 1993, after which she married Jason Momoa in 2004 and married in 2017, but now they are separated.

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