September 24, 2023

India: 18-year-old Muslim nurse allegedly murdered after gang rape

Experts say a large number of cases go unreported and police are accused of failing to stop these crimes and bring rape cases to court.

Gange Rape Muslim Girl

The Muslim girl’s body is hanging by the noose. The girl joined the job of a nurse in the hospital a day ago in Uttar Pradesh. She was working in night shift and in the morning her body was found hanging from the wall of the hospital. She was found raped & murdered

According to Indian media, the Muslim girl was working as a nurse in a private hospital near her village.

The girl’s family alleged that she had gone to the hospital from home on Friday, where a nursing home operator, along with her colleagues, gang-raped her and then killed her.

The girl’s mother said on Sunday that she had received information that her daughter had committed suicide by hanging herself, but she was convinced that the nursing home operator, along with her colleagues, had gang-raped her. He was later killed.

The mother has lodged a complaint with the police against the owner of the nursing home and his associates, after which the police have registered an FIR against the owner of the nursing home, his two associates and an unknown person.

Shashi Shekhar Singh, a senior police officer, said the nursing home was run by a man named Noor Alam where an 18-year-old girl worked as a nurse.

The girl’s mother alleged that her daughter had gone to work at a nursing home near her home on Friday, after which she did not return, police said. He was informed that his daughter had committed suicide by hanging herself.

Police officials added that the girl’s body was still hanging from a rope in the fan when the girl’s mother arrived after receiving the information.

He further said that further investigation would be carried out after the postmortem of the girl’s body.

“The girl’s mother has named Noor Alam, Chand Alam, Anil Kumar and an unknown person working in the nursing home, after which we registered a case and started raids to arrest them,” he said. Are

It should be noted that the rape laws in India were amended after the worst gang rape incident in Delhi in 2012, but the number of tragic incidents is steadily increasing and in 2020 alone more than 28,000 incidents were reported.

Experts say a large number of cases go unreported and police are accused of failing to stop these crimes and bring rape cases to court.

The NCBR’s 2017 report found that violence against women, rape, acid attacks, harassment and other forms of gender discrimination increased across India and recorded more crimes than in 2016. gone.

The report said that in 2017, a total of more than 360,000 cases of crime and violence against women were registered across India, most of which were rape cases.

The Indian government had said in data released in October 2020 that one woman is being raped in the country every 16 minutes or so and there is no state in the country where women are safe.

According to Indian media reports, data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) following the Supreme Court’s order for the year 2019 shows that violence against women in India in one year. And the incidence of rape increased by about 8%.

The report said that even in the year 2019, the capital New Delhi recorded the highest number of 12,902 incidents of violence against women and rape.

Surprisingly, Mumbai, the state capital and film hub of Maharashtra, came in second with 6,519 registered cases of exploitation, rape and violence against women.

Although New Delhi is at the forefront in rape cases, Mumbai is at the forefront in some cases of violence, exploitation and some crimes against women.

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