September 24, 2023

Imran Khan announces long march towards Islamabad on May 25

“The conspiracy to overthrow the government began last year,” he said. We tried our best not to let this conspiracy succeed, but unfortunately we couldn’t stop it. “


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has announced that the PTI will hold a long march towards Islamabad on May 25.

Addressing a press conference after the party’s core committee meeting in Peshawar on Sunday, Imran Khan said, “I will meet you on the 25th at 3 pm on the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad. Women also come out with us. I want people from all walks of life to come out. “

According to Imran Khan, “We did not see the jail or anything else. We are also ready to give our lives. We will not accept them under any circumstances. As long as you have to stay in Islamabad. Our demand is the dissolution of the assemblies, the date of the elections and a fair and transparent election.

“We have always been peaceful. Our meetings are attended by women, children, youth and people of all ages. This is not politics, this is jihad.

Imran Khan said, “I want our bureaucracy to hear that if anyone does wrong, we will take action.” The police, the bureaucracy and the army are ours. This is our country. The military has said it is neutral, so it remains neutral.

“The conspiracy to overthrow the government began last year,” he said. We tried our best not to let this conspiracy succeed, but unfortunately we couldn’t stop it. “

Imran Khan said that in the history of Pakistan, the GDP has increased by 6% which we did. The industry was moving forward. Facilitated the farmers. Record crops were harvested. Pakistan had the lowest unemployment rate in the entire subcontinent. Technology exports were growing by 75%. There was no case of corruption. Imran Khan was not building any property.

“We have found a bank corrupt country,” he added. We were close to default. While he was getting out of trouble, Corona came. We handled it very well compared to other countries. The world praised us. At that time the government was overthrown under a conspiracy, it was said that this is an experienced team. Their experience is reflected in the economy. The way the rupee has fallen will have an impact on petrol and electricity. Inflation will be affected.

Imran Khan said, “We did record tax collection. Today they have no plans and cannot make these decisions. They are saying that the National Security Committee should decide. The fugitive sitting outside is giving instructions. Half the cabinet is on bail.

Our country has been insulted by the conspiracy of Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq sitting here. Sitting outside the second insult, an under secretary said that if you remove it, we will forgive you. The letter asked why he went to Russia. Those who conspired said that Russia had gone by itself. Alone decided. Here, too, a conspiracy was hatched and it was badly presented.

According to the PTI leader, India announced yesterday that it was reducing oil prices. “They also bought oil from Russia. We had to buy oil at 30% less. He decided for his people.

“This government does not have the courage to buy wheat and oil from Russia. This is our insult. It is an insult to 22 crore Pakistanis.

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