September 24, 2023

If Ukraine is occupied, the next European country will be Vladimir Zelensky


“If you don’t have air defense capabilities, give us planes, if we don’t stay, make sure it’s Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia,” he told a news conference on Thursday.

He called for direct talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying “this is the only way to stop this war.”

“We are not attacking Russia and we are not planning to attack. What do you want from us, leave our land,” he said.

President Vladimir Zelensky, who recently advised the Ukrainian people to remain calm despite warnings of a Russian invasion by the United States, said that no one could have imagined that anyone could behave like an animal in this modern age.

Russia invaded Ukraine last week, saying it was not targeting urban areas, but ground realities are quite different.

Ukraine said on Wednesday that a Russian attack on a school had killed at least nine people and that more than 350 Ukrainians had been killed so far.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the process of advancement in Ukraine is continuing as planned and has announced heavy compensation for the families of the dead Russian soldiers.

“I want to say that the special military operation is going on as scheduled, we are fighting against the pro-Nazi ideology but I will never give up my belief that the people of Russia and Ukraine are one people,” he said.

Putin said Russian troops were fighting with the same “boldness” as “ethnic horses” and ordered the families of Russian soldiers who died in Ukraine to pay “heavy compensation.”

It is to be noted that just yesterday, Russia had for the first time released the details of the casualties in the war and said that 498 of its soldiers have been killed so far in this war. However, Ukraine claims that the number of Russian soldiers killed. Much more

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