September 24, 2023

If the Supreme Court does not provide protection with regard to protests, then we will formulate another strategy: Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that this is jihad for me, I will not accept these thieves and this imported government.


Addressing the lawyers convention in Peshawar, Imran Khan said that the lawyers community has an important role to play in saving this country. This country has come, if we do not face it, our future generations will never forgive us.

“We have seen in the past that as soon as the army took over the democratic government, people would distribute sweets and celebrate because the people of democratic governments would lose the morals required for democracy and start making money,” he said. Yes, all the governments in Pakistan have gone for corruption.

He said that this is the first time that a democratic government has been removed in Pakistan but it has not been removed due to corruption. Are decreasing.

The former prime minister said that an epidemic like Corona occurs once in a century but even during that time our economy remained good. When he was in Pakistan, the government was overthrown under a conspiracy.

He said that this was the first time in the country that when a government was removed, people took to the streets instead of distributing sweets. Left out

He said that half of the time in the history of this country, military dictators have been in power and the rest of the time has been with these two families. Out of 62 years, we had only three and a half years. I told them that we would be friends with everyone, we would always be with you in peace but we would never be with you in war.

PTI chairman says US threatened Pervez Musharraf after 9/11 that if you do not join us in war on terror, we will take you to Stone Age, but I am sorry The head of state at the time did not have the courage to ask the United States why I was involved in your war. My responsibility is my nation. On the contrary, I said that we are worse than anyone. We don’t want relationships, but we don’t want anyone’s slavery.

“In the war on terror, 80,000 of our people have died, more than 100 100 billion has been lost, the tribal areas have been destroyed, the value of our rupee has halved, investors have not come here but someone has thanked us,” he said. No, because the slaves were sitting upstairs and falling on their feet. No one protested. I called for a sit-in and blocked the NATO supply. The matter did not come up, that is why they have brought him back because they have to accept his every word.

He said that they have conspired to bring their people to the top but the people are not with them. These people are scared even while holding elections. If slogans were chanted, what was our fault, what could be more cursed than that people have also chanted slogans against you in Madinah and FIR has been lodged against us.

Imran Khan said that he has never met more filthy and ugly people than the Sharif family in his life and the Supreme Court has given a proper name to his Cecilian mafia because it is mafia, it buys people or eliminates people like mafia. Gives.

He said that during the Musharraf era, he took full part in the movement for an independent judiciary. I was also imprisoned for eight days. I have never seen such cruelty.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture. Then they were imposed on us. If these people sit on this country, it is a real disaster because the rule of law will end.

“I want to tell lawyers and the judiciary that history will not forgive you because it is your job to ensure the rule of law. If you do not stand up today, your children will not forgive you,” he said.

He said that first of all the Supreme Court should take a stand and I am happy that they have summoned their cases, the Supreme Court should monitor the cases of Sharifs and if we did not do that then open the jails of Pakistan. What is the fault of poor people, they commit petty thefts.

He further said that we are taking a ruling from the Supreme Court on whether peaceful protest is our democratic right or not, how can they stop the Chief Minister of Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan and on what basis they stopped us.

Chairman PTI said that I did not stop at D-Chowk because people were angry because of their shelling and barbarism so I was afraid that the matter would now go to chaos, people would die there which would lead to police brutality. If there was more hatred against it, then I stopped because if I move forward, there will be destruction in my country.

“I am asking the apex court to give us a roll call on the grounds on which we were stopped and tell us when we will come back whether the apex court will allow such undemocratic behavior,” he said.

He said that if the Supreme Court protects us then it will be our strategy but if it does not protect us then it will be my other strategy and that strategy will be that whatever obstacles they will create we will We will plan and go.

Imran Khan said that this is jihad for me, I will not accept these thieves and this imported government.

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