September 22, 2023

If relations with India improve, Narendra Modi can come to Pakistan in a month, says Mian Mansha

He called on the two countries to start trade to resolve their disputes and fight poverty in the region

Mian Mansha

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcome Mian Mansha

Speaking to businessmen at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ahur, the chairman of Nishat Group said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi could visit Pakistan within a month if the situation between the two neighboring countries improved.

He called on the two countries to start trade to resolve their disputes and fight poverty in the region.

He said that if the economy did not improve then the country would face catastrophic consequences. Pakistan should improve its trade relations with India and adopt a regional approach for economic development.

He said that Europe fought two world wars but then finally settled the issues for peace and development of the region, no enmity is permanent.

It may be recalled that trade relations between Pakistan and India have been suspended since August 2019 when India repealed the law granting special status or sovereignty to occupied Kashmir.

Even last winter, there were reports of back-channel talks between the two economies in the region, mediated by a Gulf state.

However, the government said that the talks were interrupted due to Indian atrocities on the people of occupied Kashmir, withdrawal of its forces from the valley and refusal to restore the special status of the region.

Mian Muhammad Mansha said that progressive policies at the local level within the country, in line with the needs of the market, are important for success.

He said that through price control, capital market operations, minimizing trade barriers, especially through privatization and simplification, minimizing the influence of the state on the economy, Pakistan could achieve rapid real growth rate.

He added that privatization promotes many sectors of the economy, an example of which is the telecom sector where privatization has enabled everyone to access everything by phone and make affordable phone calls.

He said that good deeds of the state should be appreciated, it is good that motorways were built in the country, some development works were done very fast, but the state should pay attention to those areas where billions of rupees are being wasted annually.

Mian Muhammad Mansha further said that privatization of airports as well as Pakistan Air International Lines (PIA) would improve their work and quality and make the sector more economical.

He further said that during the British rule Railways was a for-profit department but now it has become a burden for the state.

He emphasized the importance of improving relations with neighboring countries and said that one of the reasons for Europe’s development was to facilitate movement across its borders and boost bilateral trade.

He said that in no other country gas is supplied through pipelines and this massive resource is not wasted, this system is a burden on the state and major changes are also required in the structure of bureaucracy.

On the occasion, LCCI President Mian Noman Kabir congratulated Mian Muhammad Mansha on his appointment as Chairman of the Advisory Council of the British Asian Trust in Pakistan.

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