October 2, 2023

ICC’s One Day Cricketer of the Air Award Babar Prime

In 6 fast matches, Babar scored 405 runs from the average of 67.50.

Babar Azam

The ICC said in its statement that even though Babar played only 6 one-day matches in the year, but he played a very important role in two series of matches for Pakistan.

In 6 fast matches, Babar scored 405 runs from the average of 67.50.

For the ICC Cricketer of the Air Award, Bangladesh’s Shakib-ul-Hasan, South Africa’s Jennifer Milan and Ireland were powil stringling.

Babar made 328 runs in a 3-day series against South Africa, in which Pakistan achieved 1 match compared to 2 matches.

After that, in the 3-day series series against England, Pakistan had to defeat the clean swipe, but Babar scored 177 runs.

By expressing his feedback on this occasion, Babar Prime thanked his fans, ICC, Pakistan Cricket Board and his team.

He said that the way the team supported me was not possible without them and I was proud of such a team.

Babar said that for me, the best innings last year was 158 runs against England where I was presenting difficult but got confidence in this innings.

Similarly, winning in South Africa is a difficult task, there are different pitches, their bowling is very standard, but going to the series and winning the series we got a lot of mobility and the team and the captain of the team and the captain of him got a lot of trust.

He said that my effort is to go to the country and run against them.

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