October 2, 2023

I spent £50,000 getting tattoos on myself

I spent £50,000 getting tattoos on myself

A TATTOOED-UP MOTHER COVERED IN MARVEL CHARACTERS has revealed that not all of her inkings are on display, with one “hidden” just for her hubby.

Juliane Förster, from Oberndorf, Germany, is completely covered in artwork from head to toe, and she even let her young son choose some of the designs.

The 33-year-old model regularly flaunts her vibrant skin to her 343,000 Instagram followers, but not every inch is visible to the public.

She made headlines after revealing she spent £50,000 getting tattoos of her son’s favourite superheroes on her body.

In order to impress Constantin, the mother let her three-year-old son choose Marvel and DC comic book characters for her to tattoo.

Her leg-mounted comic book collection features iconic fictional characters such as Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Captain America.

Juliane’s skin also bears the likes of The Joker, Captain America, and Thor.

She did, however, reveal that not all of her tattoos are chosen by her child, as she has a special tatt for her husband Holger Gugg, 41.

The only person who notices the hidden design is the buff body coach, with Juliane hinting that the “hidden tattoo” is in a rather intimate location.

“I’ve always been fascinated by tattoos because each piece of art can be completely unique,” she explained.

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