September 24, 2023

“How to kill your husband”, female novelist faces trial

The investigation revealed that the gun used in the murder was purchased from eBay but it has not been recovered yet.


In the United States, the author of “How to Kill Her Husband” is facing trial for murdering her husband.

According to French media, this is a case in which all the features of detective novels are present, namely a large sum of insurance, an innocent person with amnesia, a lost weapon and surveillance footage, which suggests the culprit. Has been caught red handed.

Author Nancy Crimpton Bruffy told the courtroom that this is not an introduction to her new book, but real life.

Krampton Bruffy’s series of novels, ‘Rang Never Felt So Right’, ‘The Rang Husband’ and ‘The Rang Lover’ are being blamed for the shooting of Daniel Bruffy, for which he used a pistol on eBay. Bought from

The prosecutor told the court that the 71-year-old author had to make heavy payments while her husband had enough life insurance and was to receive 14 1.4 million in case of her death.

According to the Oregon newspaper, the author told the court that she could have handled the matter better with a living Daniel than with a dead Daniel.

He added, “I ask you, where is the motivation?” The editor would smile and say, “You need to work on your story.”

Prosecutor Sean Overstreet said security cameras had footage of Crimpton Bruffy as she was outside the Oregon Institute, where her husband was killed in the classroom.

“You were at the place where your husband was killed, with the same kind of pistol you bought and are now missing,” she told Crimplton.

Krampton Bruffy told the court he did not remember why she was there at the time, but if she was seen in the CCTV footage, it was because she was roaming the area for the contents of her story. Were

Daniel, 63, was found dead in a classroom when students arrived and were shot twice.

The investigation revealed that the gun used in the murder was purchased from eBay but it has not been recovered yet.

Krampton Bruffy admits she bought a pistol to protect her husband as he went out to cut mushrooms.

“There is a contradiction between what was written and what was written,” he told the court.

The prosecutor said that the author’s article “How to Murder Your Husband” is still available online and her books can be viewed on Amazon. She was facing financial difficulties before her husband’s murder.

The article discusses how to get rid of an unwanted spouse by killing her husband.

The trial is set to begin in April.

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