September 24, 2023

How much tax has been levied on which item in Finance Amendment Bill 2021 and which item has been exempted?

Advance tax of Rs 10 lakh per installment on foreign drama serials, Rs 30 lakh per installment on foreign produced TV

in Finance Amendment Bill 2021

in Finance Amendment Bill 2021

The Finance Amendment Bill 2021 imposes 17% sales tax on more than 140 items including imported mobile phones, jewelry, infant formula milk, pharmaceuticals imported goods, industrial and agricultural equipment worth more than Rs. K formula milk, red pepper, salt, bicycles, bread sold in small shops, non-chapatti, soybeans, milk, juice were exempted from sales tax.

 With the approval of Finance Amendment Bill, sales tax exemption on imported live animals and imported live poultry, sheep, goat imported meat, imported live fish, imported eggs and hatching eggs, imported samples, imported gifts has been abolished and 17% sales tax has been imposed. Has been approved.

 Sales tax exemptions on imported equipment for the treatment of TB, leprosy, AIDS and cancer, equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation of deaf, dumb and blind people, and equipment imported by non-profit organizations have also been abolished. Companies abolished tax exemption on imported goods and services for exhibitions and trade fairs, packaged imported poultry meat, cotton seeds, sewing machines, machinery and plants installed in export processing zones, imported raw medicines, greenhouse farming. Sales tax exemption on imported equipment and machinery for setting up industries in FATA, dairy farm fans, fish feed and imported micro-feeder equipment has been abolished, mobile phones have also been made expensive.

 Tax on imported mobile phone sets from 200 200 to 350 350 has been increased to 17% instead of Rs 1740, sales tax on mobile phone sets from 350 350 to 500 500 has been increased from 17% to Rs 5400 and on mobile phone sets above 500 500 from Rs 9270 to 17% Yes, advance tax has been levied on foreign TV drama serials and advertisements.

Advance tax of Rs 10 lakh per installment on foreign drama serials, Rs 30 lakh per installment on foreign produced TV plays and Rs 5 lakh per second advance tax on advertisements with foreign actors, uniform tax of 17% on mobile phones. Tax on jewelry increased from 1% to 17%, tax on import of oil seeds was approved from 5% to 17%, tax on imported animals and poultry from 17%, tax on agricultural seeds, plants, agricultural implements and chemicals from 5 to 17%. Percentage, Tax on Poultry Sector Machinery from 7 to 17%, Multimedia Tax from 10 to 17%, Battery Tax from 12 to 17%, Sales Tax on Duty Free Shops Approved, Imported 10% sales tax on vegetables, 17% sales tax on spices sold in packaging, 17% on matches, dairy products electric switches, 17% on branded poultry meat, 10% to 17% on processed milk. The tax on caterers, hotels and large restaurants will be increased from 7.5 per cent to 17 per cent. 100% sales tax, 10% to 17% tax on yoghurt, cheese, butter, desi ghee and butter in packaging and 17% tax on machinery for dairy, tax on flavored milk of branded packaging increased from 10% to 17%, advertising material , 17% tax on goods imported from federal and provincial hospitals, 17% tax on goods imported by various UN agencies, diplomats, diplomatic missions, 17% tax on imported goods donated in case of natural calamity, renewable energy Sources like solar, wind and irrigation equipment, single cylinder agricultural diesel engines, five year old command harvesters were also taxed at 17% sales, coal mining machinery, mining equipment, imported for the thar coal field. Sales tax on equipment also 17%, sales tax on plant and machinery imports increased from 10% to 17%, 17% tax on mobile phone machinery and plant imports from local mobile phone manufacturers, personal imports from tourists Garments and goods will also be taxed Or

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