September 22, 2023

HellBound (Korean Web Series)

A female lawyer, along with some others, is campaigning against the tyranny and plunder of God’s criminals.


You are such and such a son! You will be killed in front of the eyes of the world for your sins at such and such a minute on such and such a coming date.

Suddenly a bright monster appears in front of any ordinary human being whose characteristics are like an angel according to their belief. Suddenly angels of torment appear from the earth or from the walls in a horrible form and kill and burn him in a very painful way.

Based on these events, different ideological groups are formed in human beings. A self-proclaimed ‘God-fearing’ organization interprets this as the reformation of mankind by nature and forces anyone who has been promised to confess his sins before the promised time and resort to violence. And humiliates them before they die.

The media lure the promising person into a contract with them by showing them the last time they will be shown live on TV and the rich people come to see the spectacle of someone’s death by buying very expensive tickets. There is also an organization that, if a person quietly contacts this organization after receiving a promise, and before the appointed time, the organization takes him to some remote and desolate place where the angels of torment come and kill him. There is no humiliation in front of the people.

A female lawyer, along with some others, is campaigning against the tyranny and plunder of God’s criminals.

The unique twist in the story comes when a couple gets the blessing of children after many wishes and prayers. But the happiness of the poor lasts only a few minutes. The mother takes her child in her arms for the first time after giving birth.

Now begins the battle between the groups who interpret these strange events according to their own interests

God’s servants, who used to humiliate the Promised One in public, want to cover up the case of the child because people will ask him what sin nature is punishing the child born ten minutes ago.

The organization that protects sinners from being humiliated in the world and the parents of the child want the world to see the death of this child and let people know that nature is cruel or even more wrong.

At the same time, the sword of self-interest spread by the divine criminals should end.

In the climax, when the angels of doom come to kill the child at the appointed time, the scenes are very emotional and thrilling.

Now we have to wait for the second season for the story to move in that direction.

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