September 24, 2023

Great success in Pakistan’s FATF

Now take a look at the importance of the FATF. This body was established in 1989. Remember, at that time the first Afghan war was over and the Soviet Union was being divided into many parts.


Finally, on June 19, the long-awaited stage was set. The FATF began the process of removing Pakistan from the gray list once the conditions were met. Perhaps the joy was so great that every political party and The company seemed reluctant to take credit for it. For the past four years, FATF has been a formidable sword in the head of the country and the nation. It has blocked investment and trade routes and has shaken the world’s confidence in Pakistan. On the one hand, we had tensions, which, no matter what justification may be justified, on the other hand, international politics and diplomacy also became involved in this matter. The environment around us, especially the situation in Afghanistan, also played an important role. However, the constant war of the Afghan Taliban added to our difficulties and the world looked at us through every particular lens. We are also proud to be facilitating the Afghan cause, but we are still paying the price in the face of the lack of peace and order in our country and the economy. Pakistan had to implement not one but two plans of FATF and at the same time had to fight a diplomatic war on many fronts. The matter would have taken longer. The role of political parties is also commendable. The government was working on this issue, the opposition did not try to obstruct, but cooperated at every stage. The real happiness is that after reaching this stage. All the complexities and obstacles that are becoming a problem for the country’s development and economic growth will be removed. Being on the FATF’s gray list will allow any international financial institution, multinational company or major country to invest in Pakistan. Was not happy Following the good news from FATF, the IMF’s attitude softened. At the same time, there has been progress in lending by friendly countries and international financial institutions. Energy is an important issue and the construction of Diamer Bhasha Dam is very much mentioned in this regard, but due to its presence in the FATF list, it was not possible to get foreign investment for the dam, without which its construction would have been a dream. This major hurdle is about to be overcome, but as the Minister of State for External Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar, has said, It is better to avoid premature celebrations. ”In October, the FATF review delegation will visit Islamabad to examine how the conditions that have been met have been met in the future. Will remain In other words, it is a long-term issue and it will not be possible for any government to work on it cheaply. In any case, adhering to these conditions is beneficial for us in today’s world. One of the major benefits of this is that even if Article 6 of the IMF resolves the issues of FATF, it has been fulfilled and its program has been revived. Possible, which was the most important for the country.

Now take a look at the importance of the FATF. This body was established in 1989. Remember, at that time the first Afghan war was over and the Soviet Union was being divided into many parts. As Afghanistan and the Muslim states of Central Asia became independent, so did Ukraine and other states in Eastern Europe. Communism ended in its original form. The United States and NATO had successfully returned to West Asia. Remember, Pakistan played a central role in the Afghan war. The tragic situation was that the Afghan war was marred by large-scale foreign military intervention and military groups as far as the Middle East became part of the war. Continued to use, but their main purpose was to increase their military power and the importance of their part. In Afghanistan and the surrounding areas, and even in the Middle East, private forces came into being, armed and funded to fight militarily in Asia against the Soviet Union and communism. He was assisted by a number of countries, most notably the West. The focus was on improving the economy. The behavior of these militia groups in the Middle East and Eastern Europe is considered a terrorist act. It was called the new guerrilla war, but it was fueled by a large number of innocent civilians and national property, when they received capital from rich and powerful countries. Kalashnikovs and heroin culture became common in Pakistan. Institutions were hit by suicide attacks, bombings. At the same time, conspiratorial ideologies began to gain momentum, especially as it became common knowledge that the whole world was seeking to destroy Muslims and that jihad was now obligatory against it. There was also a general impression that this jihad was not for the Muslim rulers because they were slaves to the great powers. The atrocities perpetrated on the Muslims of Afghanistan and then Bosnia only added fuel to the fire. The major powers were concerned, while the smaller and less powerful countries came under intense pressure from these organizations. Therefore, it was considered necessary to expel these organizations. These groups included al-Qaeda, the Somali rebels, the Taliban and ISIS. Iranian-backed militias also played an important role in the Middle East, playing an active role in the civil wars in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Obviously, how long could the great powers have tolerated these organizations roaming around like wild camels? Then the fire had reached their own cities. The 9/11 attacks, the Paris bombings, the British subways, Spain and Australia. In addition, many Muslim countries, including Pakistan, have been the target of such attacks. These organizations played a role in the armed operations in these countries, so in order to limit them, where military action was necessary, it was also important to control the capital on which these non-state armed groups were growing. When the FATF was formed, it had 35 member countries. When the 9/11 tragedy struck, issues such as terror financing and money laundering became very important. There are two aspects to the FATF. One is operational matters, which include money laundering, terror financing, formulation and enforcement of related laws. The other aspect is political and has a price. There is a price to pay anyway because we live in this world and if we declare the whole world an enemy, then we have to pay the price in the form of blacklist and gray list, which we have paid in previous years. It should also be mentioned here that Pakistan came to the gray list for the second time in 2018 under the caretaker government and then remained in it for the next four years.

It is not a good tradition for political parties to run for credit in every matter. Politics and point scoring on national policies, especially those related to our economic and foreign affairs, is beyond comprehension. Competing tweets in this regard is irresponsible or a sign of ignorance of national and international affairs. However, the encouraging thing is that the conditions have been met, which has been officially recognized by the international body and now work has begun on a way out of the gray list. At this stage, it would be better if the political parties They should remain silent on the issue for a while so as not to give any negative impression. Seriously taken. A cell consisting of 30 institutions was formed in GHQ, which worked day and night to get rid of this problem. It achieved two major objectives. Legislation and secondly to ensure their implementation. It is to be noted that the laws were praised by the FATF even a year ago, but it said that the penalties were not satisfactory. Despite completing 27 points, it added four more points at the end of last year. Former Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had promised to get out of the gray list at the FATF meeting in March, but then at the last minute he had to correct the statement and give India a reason to stay on the list. To be emotional in such matters and that too at the level of Foreign Minister was very inappropriate. The UAE was disgusted and the debt of ارب 2 billion was in jeopardy. Similarly, in the case of Saudi Arabia, he made a careless statement when a conference was held in Malaysia. On this, Saudi Arabia withdrew its ارب 2 billion. Had even threatened. Matters were resolved with great difficulty and the government breathed a sigh of relief. Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ………..

India is also one of the 35 members of the FATF, while Pakistan is not a part of the organization, so it faced more difficulties. It is no secret that India has long blamed Pakistan on terrorism-related issues. It does not miss any opportunity. Pakistan not only denies the allegation but also blames India. The counter-allegation provides strong evidence of terrorist activities in Balochistan and the spying of Kulbhushan in this regard. However, keep in mind that India has very good relations with the United States, China, Europe and the Arab world. Its economy is very good and it is important for the world. On the one hand, it is with China in the Bao Forum and BRICS Bank, on the other hand, it is an ally of the United States in the Quad Forum, while it also has military agreements with Russia. We have to consider what we have done in the last few years. Bitter rhetoric and confrontation against the United States continued. Imran Khan’s statement must be Hippocrates to understand how it is being viewed in Washington, the people and the media No. Then in Europe, our relations with France were complicated last year. The situation of Arab countries has been mentioned above. India is our enemy. Now, in such a situation, what could have happened in FATF. The current government managed this damage control. Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto paid his first visit to the United States. Then he went to Europe. The German Foreign Minister came to Pakistan a week before the FATF meeting. Remember, this time the meeting was hosted by Germany. The Chief of Army Staff paid an important visit to China. The Prime Minister has visited Turkey and the Arab world. He had held talks with Boris Johnson. Turkey, Germany, China, the United Kingdom and Malaysia are members of the FATF. In this context, the FATF announced that all conditions had been met and gave a clear signal of being removed from the gray list in October. He is ready to take Pakistan with him.

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