September 24, 2023

Ferrari announces to build electric cars, 15,000 vehicles will be ready in two years

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday approved a complete ban on the sale of fuel-powered vehicles by 2035.


Ferrari, the world’s fastest luxury car maker, has announced the launch of the first electric Ferrari.

On the occasion of Investor’s Day, the top officials of the company have asked to introduce the first electric powered Ferrari in the year 2025.

However, like other competitors, Ferrari did not share details of the plan on how to convert petrol-powered luxury vehicles to electric ones.

The Bentley and Volvo brands of the German company Volkswagen have announced that by the year 2030, all vehicles will be switched from fuel to electric.

Sources familiar with Ferrari’s plan said the company’s new production line would consider making electric vehicles, which would also increase annual production by more than 35 percent, with more than 15,000 vehicles to be manufactured by 2025. Will

Under the plan, Ferrari has also hinted at an increase in profits.

Ferrari has told investors that it expects a profit of 38 to 40 percent in 2026, while the profit margin in 2021 was 35.9 percent.

Like other luxury car companies, Ferrari faces the same challenge, as electric batteries weigh hundreds of kilograms and cannot compete with heavy engines, which increase the car’s power and speed.

To address these challenges, Ferrari is researching batteries that will also improve their power.

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday approved a complete ban on the sale of fuel-powered vehicles by 2035.

Following the decision of the European Union, all petrol and diesel vehicles will be shifted to electric engines.

The move is aimed at achieving the goals set for environmental protection, which include zero carbon emissions by 2050.

At the request of other members of the bloc, including Germany and Italy, all 27 countries agreed that alternative technologies, such as hybrid or electric vehicles, should be used to avoid future pollution problems. Air pollutant gases can be eliminated.

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