September 24, 2023

Even if we lose the election, we will not give tickets to those who enter politics for personal gain: Imran Khan

He said that Usman Bazdar belongs to the poorest area of ​​DG Khan, he knows how the common man lives in hardships, in his time social protection programs like health card came.

Imran Khan

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan, along with well-known YouTubers Junaid Akram, Muzammil Hassan and Talha Uhud, in a podcast on social media, said that he had mixed reactions to what was done with our government. Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq joined hands to make this external conspiracy a success. Together they toppled an elected government.

“Our only fault was that we wanted to pursue an independent foreign policy. Independent foreign policy does not mean being anti-American. I am not even against India. I am against the biased policy of BJP and RSS,” he said. I am against, but there are people in India with all kinds of thinking and I have been friends with them, so is the United States, I have had very good relations with the Trump administration, but all this was done because I wanted our Let there be relations with the United States and let there be no compromise on the interests of our people.

The former prime minister said that he wanted us to cancel the visit to Russia, not to trade with Russia, to limit our relations with China, they were also asking for bases to keep an eye on Afghanistan, so he felt that That with me they will not be able to use Pakistan like tissue paper.

The chairman of PTI said that he overthrew the government of former Prime Minister of Iran Mossadegh in the same way, but I am happy to say that I have never seen the Pakistani nation coming together in this way. Not divided but the nation took to the streets, record meetings were held, people were more angry at the imposition of corrupt people than the overthrow of the government through intervention, the courts have not yet taken any action against those who sell themselves.

He said that these people have taken complete control over social media but through social media people are becoming more and more aware. My experience of 26 years says that when I call for ‘real freedom march’ in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Most people in history will take to the streets.

In response to a question about Jahangir Tareen and Aleem Khan, he said that they both had a big role for the party. They both joined the party after the 2011 meeting, but it is a pity that Was not my goal, so today they stand with the people against whom I raised my voice.

He said that Aleem Khan used to expect me to legalize his land. He wanted to legalize Aleem Khan Ravi by buying 300 acres of land. From there, there were distances between Aleem Khan and me. His name also appeared in the Pandora Papers. I think he expected me to come to the government and do what Nawaz Sharif and Zardari have been doing.

Talking about Jahangir Tareen, Imran Khan said that his problem was the Chinese crisis on which the commission was formed. Jahangir Tareen stood with those who are the biggest dacoits in the country. There were differences with Tareen.

He said that now before giving party ticket in InshaAllah, I will take an oath from the candidate that if you want to do business, do not come to power, if you come to power, do not expect me to come to you. I will legalize the illegal activities of

Imran Khan said that FIA seized Rs 16 billion in the name of Shahbaz Sharif’s servants but NAB and judiciary is independent so we could not do anything and that is why we could not punish him in our three and half years of government. Sometimes he had back pain, sometimes the bench would break, our justice system would not catch him.

He said that 95% of the cases in NAB are before our government but in 3 and half years they have not been able to catch them. Yes, we have to try to put public pressure on the institutions to catch these criminals, now they have got NRO 2.

“When you come into government with a better majority, you can change the law. I have learned in three and a half years that I do not want to come to power until I get a truly overwhelming majority,” he said. Our hands were tied in our government, we could not legislate in the Senate.

He said that cartels of cement, sugar, oil marketing companies were formed, there were 800 stay orders on 8 competing companies for 11 years, 250 billion rupees were stuck.

Imran Khan said that even if we lose the election, we will not give tickets to those who enter politics for personal gain. Our system is such that money is spent in Senate elections. But if left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path.

In response to a question about the relationship with the Establishment, Imran Khan said that the problem of Nawaz Sharif was that he wanted to control the army and make it Punjab Police. Nor did I ever think of bringing my own army chief.

The former prime minister said that his only problem was that last summer when I found out that there was a danger of civil war in Afghanistan, I was afraid that when the Americans would leave, if there was a civil war in Afghanistan, its effects would be felt in Pakistan. They were to arrive, the effects were still there, how many of our soldiers were martyred since Afghanistan became independent, I wanted our current ISI chief to be in our most difficult time in winter.

“Secondly, I came to know from July last year that the PML-N has made a complete plan to overthrow our government. What they have just done is they have been planning for a long time,” he said. That is why I did not want our intelligence chief to change until this winter, because the intelligence chief is the eyes and ears of the government.

The former prime minister said that you do not change your intelligence chief when the most difficult time comes, but the impression was given that I wanted to make General Faiz the ISI chief, it was never in my mind.

Imran Khan said that if you bring any system of the world and put Sharif and Zardari on it then that system will be corrupt. If you somehow make Nawaz Sharif the Prime Minister of UK then in 10 years UK will be in debt and debt from Pakistan Will ask

He said that our institutions say that we are neutral, Allah has not allowed anyone to be neutral. You are supporting falsehood.

He said that no more biased man has come in the history of Pakistan than the present Election Commissioner. Can

In response to a question about the appointment of Usman Bazdar as Chief Minister of Punjab, he said that we were hoping that Shah Mehmood Qureshi would win the election and we would make him Chief Minister of Punjab but he lost the election. But there was a corruption case in NAB, so I chose Usman Bazdar because he was completely loyal. Whenever I asked him to change, he would be ready and it happened.

He said that Usman Bazdar belongs to the poorest area of ​​DG Khan, he knows how the common man lives in hardships, in his time social protection programs like health card came.

Talking about the challenges that came in the previous government, Imran Khan said that some changes should have been made in the government as soon as they come in because later they become very difficult. The NAB and the judiciary were not in our hands but the rest of the institutions also came to understand in the last year, next time we will come after planning in advance, we will know what to do and who to appoint in important positions.

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