September 24, 2023

Dutch football legend becomes Muslim

Dutch football legend becomes Muslim

Clarence Seedorf, a Dutch professional football manager and former player, has converted to Islam after learning more in depth about the religion from his girlfriend Sophia Makramati.

Seedorf is regarded as one of the most successful players in the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League history, as he is the first and the only player to have won the UEFA Champions League with three clubs.

The footballer has become Muslim because of his Iranian friend.

In a message on his Instagram account, after converting to Islam, he wrote, “A special thanks to all the nice messages in celebration of me joining the Muslim family.

I’m very happy and pleased to join the all Brothers and Sisters around the world especially my adorable Sophia who has taught me more in depth the meaning of Islam. I didn’t change my name and will continue to carry my name as given by my parents, Clarence Seedorf! I’m sending all my love to everyone in the world.”

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