September 24, 2023

Do your own corona test at home

The NCOC has notified the parties by issuing a notification as per the decision of the Medical Device Board.

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If you have symptoms of corona and you do not want to go to a laboratory for corona test and find out if you have corona, then there is no need to worry. Now you can do your own Corona test at home for less money.

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) has allowed Corona test kits to be sold in the market for self-use in homes.

Earlier, self-corona test kits were available in the market but they were not allowed to be sold by the government.

Drug inspectors also took action against the illegal sale of these kits. With the permission of the government, the Corona test has become cheaper and easier.

Muhammad Naeem Chaudhry, President, Healthcare Devices Association of Pakistan, told Urdu News: The government has also allowed their sale. A kit costs between Rs 600 and Rs 800.

“The kits on the market are still imported and their use will reduce the spread of Corona as well as save money on tests which will ultimately benefit the people,” he said.

On the other hand, according to a notification issued by the NCOC, the issue of public sale of self-corona test kits was considered in the meeting of the Medical Device Board held on Tuesday. Was sent

The Medical Device Board says that the rapid antigen test is by far the simplest and fastest way to detect the presence of corona virus in any individual, however, not all devices are for corona testing by themselves because some tests This can only be done after specifically sampling by trained staff.

He said that there are some devices which their manufacturers claim that through them people can do their own Corona test at home. Samples can be obtained through the nose or saliva.

The Medical Device Board has decided that when you test for Corona at home, it can help reduce the spread of Corona. Therefore, Corona self test kits are allowed to be sold in pharmacies and medical stores in the market.

The NCOC has notified the parties by issuing a notification as per the decision of the Medical Device Board.

Keep in mind that the price of Corona test in Pakistan is currently between 5500 to 6200 rupees. Although some laboratories were able to come home and collect samples for the corona test, they were charged extra.

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