October 2, 2023

“Discrimination is taking place,” says Arab and African citizens in Ukraine

The coalition says “discrimination against African students in Ukraine is reprehensible.”

Ukrain war

Sometimes hardships and sufferings lead to tolerance, empathy and sacrifice among people of different races, but in the Ukraine crisis, the situation is quite the opposite.

Arab and African immigrants living in Ukraine say they are being discriminated against as they leave the country.

According to CNN, many foreign students, mostly from Arab and African countries, have been subjected to racial discrimination at the hands of Ukrainian forces and security forces.

An African student says non-Ukrainian passengers were disembarked from buses on the Ukrainian-Polish border and told bluntly that only Ukrainian citizens could board the bus.

A student from Nigeria said, “I got off the bus at the border and was told to travel on foot.”

“I am currently trapped in a border area 400 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital,” she said.

Eyewitnesses to the discriminatory treatment of foreigners in Ukraine say they are being tortured by the Ukrainian military.

Sakshi, an Indian student, said she and dozens of other foreign students were not allowed to cross the border.

“They were treated very badly and the men were killed. One person was beaten to death for protesting.”

The African Union (AU) has also protested against the discrimination against African migrants, saying “everyone has the right to withdraw from Ukraine.” Discrimination and racial discrimination are against human rights. “

The coalition says “discrimination against African students in Ukraine is reprehensible.”

Meanwhile, a video of a Moroccan man standing at the door of a train with a knife has gone viral on social media and the train is leaving Ukraine.

It is said that when the foreigners could not find a place in the train, a Moroccan man pulled out a knife and put the foreigners in the train.

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