October 2, 2023

Dakota Johnson reveals her strange hobby; check it out!

Dakota Johnson reveals her number 1 strange hobby

Dakota Johnson, Ther star, opened up about her number one hobby which she doesn’t feel shy about.

In an interview with W Magazine, the 32-year-old actress recently admitted that she’s attended many wedding events without the invitation.

During the interview, Johnson played ‘Never Have I Ever’ game during which she was asked about crashing a wedding.

“I feel like I’ve done that a lot,” she recounted. “It’s like one of my number one hobbies.”

Giving fans insight into her experience, Dakota shared that she not only got along with the guests at the event but also participated in the ceremony’s festivities.

“There I was, holding up the bride and groom in a chair,” she told the publication. “And they were just like, ‘What are you doing here?’”

Meanwhile, the Hollywood diva’s romance with beau Chris Martin is leaving fans overjoyed about their wedding.

Talking about her daughter’s special day, Johnson’s father Don Johnson told Good Day New York in November of last year.

“If she’s happy, I will be happy,” he expressed while adding that Martin is a ‘lovely guy’.

“And if she decides to get married, I would imagine that there would be grandchildren not too far out for that. I’d be pretty excited about that part,” Don disclosed to the publication.

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