September 22, 2023

Controversy erupts in Egypt over Netflix Arabic film

Egyptian actors have been widely criticized for starring in the film, “Dear Friend,”

Netflix Arabic film

The Arabic film ‘Aziz Tarin Dost’, which was released on January 20, is being banned because of its story and characters, against pornography and against Arab traditions and society.

Although people from many Middle Eastern countries are objecting to the film, the biggest uproar is seen in Egypt, as the cast of the film includes Egyptian actors.

The film, titled “Dear Friend”, is actually the official Arabic remake of the 2016 Italian-language film “Perfect Strangers”, the story of which revolves around revealing secrets from close friends during a play.

The Arabic remake of the Italian film features Arab actors from other countries, including Egypt and Lebanon, and is produced by Lebanese and Egyptian companies, but has been released under the Lebanese banner.

Egyptian actors have been widely criticized for starring in the film, “Dear Friend,” and government figures and hardliners have called for the film to be banned.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Egyptian people are angry over the bold scene played by actress Mona Zaki, including the Egyptian actor playing the role of a homosexual, and the film is being demanded to be banned.

According to the story of the film, when the dearest friends put food on their mobile table during the meal and discuss every incoming call and message, at the same time the secrets of many friends are revealed and they also have quarrels.

During the same game, close friends confess their secrets to their peers for the first time and also provide accurate information about every phone call and message to friends under the condition of the game.

Under the same game, an actor admits to being gay while Mona Zaki also takes off her clothes during a scene, however, her body is not shown in the film.

It is worth noting that Netflix announced in September 2020 the production of web series, movies and shows in Arabic, and since then Netflix has released a number of original Arab web series, shows and movies.

Netflix produces mostly Arabic language movies, dramas and shows in Egypt and Lebanon, but also in other countries.

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