September 24, 2023

Control Z

The said dramas and series will also be available in English, Spanish and other languages.

control Z

Years ago, when I started watching the Riverdale series, I really liked how beautiful and stylish a school, a high school, a college, even great and unique plays are made – since then I have had many more teenagers. Watch plays and stories and plays revolving around high school including the unforgettable 13Reasons Why and Elite and Sabrina and Sex Education and All of us are Dead and Outer Banks and Dive Club and Society and Winx Saga and I Knw wht u dd lst summer And the shadow & bone and the titans and the shadow hunters and the screams and Shannara etc and a few Korean series whose names aren’t included here are all great.

The said dramas and series will also be available in English, Spanish and other languages.

All of these series are awesome and mind blowing series – step by step suspense and thrillers – some scenes and characters like this feel sorry for them many times and sometimes get angry at them – these stories Sometimes it seems that the scriptwriter should have written this scene as it should have been written … but then the fun of the series may not last and may remain –


Speaking of “Control Z”, it is also a high school teen drama thriller and mystery series – the story begins with a hacker revealing secrets of school students etc. Then the main character of the series Sofia goes after catching this hacker – the story goes on with Sofia Herrera, the school students, teachers and parents of some students – Sofia Herrera is played by Mexican actress Anna Valeria. Has … and I think she has portrayed this role in the best possible way – in the play Sofia is an anti-social and mentally disturbed girl, although Sofia’s observation is amazing –

I found the series very dangerously great and enjoyed it .. The first season is great .. while the second is even better The third season is coming in July –

The story unfolds in each season and hints for the next season – believe me, one episode of each season will keep you hooked. Once you sit down to watch, you will be able to get up after seeing the whole thing.

And as I said in the introduction, while watching this series, you will feel pity for the main characters of this drama and sometimes you will get angry with them.

Well, I don’t know how to write a special review … which was going on in my mouth, heart, mind, tongue. Let me know if I am and really able to see –

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