December 7, 2023

Congratulations to Jon Fosse

This quote captures Fosse’s interest in the themes of identity and existence.

Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse

Congratulations to Jon Fosse on winning the 2023 Nobel Prize in literature! He is a worthy recipient, and his work is both innovative and thought-provoking.

Fosse is a Norwegian playwright and novelist whose work is known for its spare, poetic language and its exploration of themes such as love, loss, and the meaning of life. His plays have been performed all over the world, and his novels have been translated into many languages.

In its citation, the Swedish Academy praised Fosse for his “innovative plays and prose which give voice to the unsayable.” The Academy also noted that Fosse’s work is “rooted in the language and nature of his Norwegian background.”

Fosse’s win is a significant achievement for Norwegian literature, and it is also a welcome recognition of his unique and important work. I am sure that his Nobel Prize will help to introduce his work to a wider audience, and I look forward to reading more of his work in the future.

Here is a quote from Fosse’s novel A New Name:

“I am alone. I am not alone. I am with myself. I am not with myself. I am nowhere. I am somewhere.”

This quote captures Fosse’s interest in the themes of identity and existence. His work often explores the ways in which we are both connected and isolated from the world around us.

I am excited to see what Fosse does next, and I am grateful to the Swedish Academy for recognizing his important work.

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