September 23, 2023

Colombia landslide kills 11 locals


A landslide in a mining location in northwest Colombia killed at least 11 people and injured a dozen more, authorities reported.

According to the Antioquia Risk Management Agency (Dagran), an “unspecified” number of individuals remain missing as a result of the landslide in Abriaqu municipality, which was triggered by heavy rains.

According to the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management, the majority of the deceased are believed to be miners who were working at an unauthorized gold mine that was covered by the landslide in an unpopulated area in Abriaqu.

Authorities are en route to the scene to assist emergency services and examine potential infrastructure damage, according to Dagran.

“We are once again saddened by this scenario. We predicted last Monday that these events would continue to occur, and that while we cannot prevent them because they are natural occurrences, we can prevent loss of life “Jaime Gomez, the director of Dagran, stated.

“People who reside or have activities on the banks of rivers should avoid these tributaries during the wet season. Risk management is a shared responsibility for all Colombians, and it is up to each of us to do our part to safeguard lives “Gomez stated.

Following what he described as a “painful tragedy,” Antioquia Governor Anibal Gaviria said on Twitter that he will meet with his cabinet and then travel to Abriaqu.

On Thursday, President Ivan Duque extended his condolences to the victims’ families and said that relief agencies are assisting the disaster agency in the search.

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