October 2, 2023

China’s plan for the South Pacific has sounded the alarm for Western powers

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong left for Fiji the same day her Chinese counterpart began a tour of the Pacific.

Western powers

According to French media reports, if approved by the Pacific island nations, the draft of a wide range of agreements and a five-year plan would protect China in the region, which is considered important to the interests of the United States and its allies. ۔

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi dismissed Western criticism of Beijing’s growing engagement in the Pacific, which began a tour of eight countries to make potentially lucrative offers.

He warned other countries not to interfere in Honora, the capital of the Solomon Islands, and said that China’s cooperation with the Pacific island nations was not aimed at any country.

He told reporters that the countries of all the islands in the Pacific Ocean have the right to choose their own choice instead of following others.

The Chinese package will offer millions of dollars in aid to the 10 smaller island states, the China-Pacific Islands Free Trade Agreement and access to a wider market for China’s 1.4 billion people.

It will also give China the opportunity to train local police, engage in local cyber security, expand political ties, conduct sensitive marine mapping and gain greater access to natural resources.

The “comprehensive development vision” is expected to be ready for approval when Wang Yi meets with regional foreign ministers in Fiji on Monday.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albany said China was seeking to increase its influence in a region of the world where Australia has been an elected security partner since World War II.

He outlined a move to the Pacific with additional funding for defense training, maritime security and additional infrastructure to address the effects of climate change, and said Australia needed to respond.

Australian Foreign Minister Penny Wong left for Fiji the same day her Chinese counterpart began a tour of the Pacific.

“Under the new Australian government, the Pacific countries will not be further humiliated or their demands for climate change will not be ignored,” he said in the capital, Sova. Don’t try to create.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has said the region does not need Beijing’s security measures, adding after a meeting with US senators in Washington that “we strongly believe we have the Pacific in the Pacific.” There are resources and capabilities to respond to any security challenge and New Zealand is ready to do so.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price warned the countries under discussion to beware of ambiguous agreements with China. If approved, the Chinese plan would represent a significant change, which would include the deployment of Chinese police and an increase in flights between China and the Pacific islands.

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