September 22, 2023

Britain considers deploying large numbers of NATO troops to Ukraine crisis

“To ensure that we are able to support our NATO allies,


According to media reports, the British government has said that in case of any intrusion by Russia into Ukraine, immediate sanctions will be imposed and it will be disastrous for both.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is visiting the region next week and will also speak by telephone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

A statement from his office said Boris Johnson was considering the largest possible offer to members of the Nordic and Baltic NATO defense pact, which would double the number of troops and provide Estonia with weapons of mass destruction. Will be sent to

In a statement, Johnson said the package would send a clear message to the Kremlin that “we will not tolerate any move that could destabilize them and we will always stand by our NATO allies in the face of Russian hostility.”

“To ensure that we are able to support our NATO allies, I have ordered our armed forces to prepare for deployment across Europe by next week,” he added.

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