September 23, 2023

Boris Johnson faces distrust

Former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, who ran against Boris Johnson for the PM’s job in 2019, said the party knows it is destroying the country.

Boris Johnson

According to British media reports, Boris Johnson and his staff held booze parties in the British capital at a time when there was a strict lockdown in the UK to deal with Code 19, which has put increasing pressure on the British Prime Minister. ۔

On Monday, he also faced criticism from Norman, a former junior minister and former ally of Boris Johnson, who said the prime minister’s stay in power was an insult to both voters and the party.

Jesse Norman said: “You’ve led a culture of law-breaking at 10 Downing Street with ease. The government has a ‘majority but no long-term plan.’

Norman is one of a growing number of Conservative lawmakers who declare that Boris has lost control of the UK, which is in the throes of a recession, rising prices and a strike-prone travel chaos in the capital, London. Is.

Former Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, who ran against Boris Johnson for the PM’s job in 2019, said the party knows it is destroying the country.

Boris Johnson’s anti-corruption champion, John Penrose, also resigned. Asked about the future of the British prime minister, he told Sky News: “I think it’s over.

Graham Brady, chairman of the party’s 1922 committee, which represents the rank and file of Conservative lawmakers, said voting would take place between 6pm and 8pm on Monday, shortly after which the votes would be counted.

A spokesman for Boris Johnson’s Downing Street office said the vote would “give the government a chance to draw a line and move forward while meeting the people’s priorities.”

The spokesperson said that the Prime Minister welcomes the opportunity to present his case before the MPs and reminds them that when they unite they will focus on the issues which are important to the voters. There will be no stronger political force than this.

Boris Johnson, a former mayor of London, came to power in Westminster as the face of the Bridget campaign in the 2016 referendum and once again took a hard line after coming to power, leaving Britain single. Excluded from the market and customs union.

A majority of Conservative lawmakers, or 180 members, will have to vote against him to remove Boris Johnson, which some Conservatives say could be difficult to reach and replace if the no-confidence motion is passed. It can take several weeks to decide.

Lawmakers said they had received letters from the prime minister asking them to vote for him.

Several ministers in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet team are working hard to send messages of support.

“I am backing them today and will continue to do so as we focus on growing the economy, tackling the cost of living and cleaning up the backlog,” said Finance Minister Rishi Sonak.

Bookmaker Ladbrooks has named former Health Minister Hunt as his favorite candidate to replace Boris Johnson.

It may be recalled that a report was released about a scandal known as ‘Party Gate’ in which there was a fight between the parties violating the lockdown at 10 Downing Street and vomiting caused by drinking alcohol.

When parliament adjourned last week and many lawmakers were sent back to their constituencies or constituencies, several members heard complaints about Boris Johnson.

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