September 24, 2023

Boeing 737 passenger jet crashed in remote Chinese mountains

Boeing 737 passenger jet crashed in remote Chinese mountains

In the lonely Chinese mountains, a Boeing 737 carrying 132 people plunged 30,000 feet to the ground before bursting into flames.

Near the city of Wuzhou in Teng county in the southern province of Guangxi, a China Eastern Airlines aeroplane nosedived before smashing into a hillside and erupting in a massive blaze.

According to reports, the plane exploded completely, and a fire started by the collision burned down bamboo and trees before being put out.

On social media, horrifying CCTV footage allegedly shows the jet speeding vertically towards the ground in the seconds leading up to the crash.

President Xi Jinping expressed his sorrow at the occurrence and ordered a probe into the circumstances.

The plane, with the flight number MU5735 from Kunming to Guangzhou, is thought to be a Boeing 737-89P, not the MAX series, which has been plagued by troubles in recent years.

The aircraft lost touch above Wuzhou, according to China’s Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

On board were 123 passengers and nine crew members. Earlier, state media said that 133 individuals were on board.

‘The CAAC has initiated the emergency procedure and dispatched a working group to the scene,’ the CAAC stated in a statement.

The Aviation Safety Network tweeted: ‘We are following multiple unconfirmed reports about a possible accident involving China Eastern Airlines flight #MU5735 a Boeing 737-89P (B-1791) en route from Kunming to Guangzhou, China.’

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