September 22, 2023

Balqis Edhi, the mummy of thousands of orphans

His life revolved around the Edhi Foundation. He had no life outside of it.

Balqis Edhi

Inherited by thousands, the mummy of helpless and abandoned children, the Messiah of the homeless and destitute, the soul of the Edhi Foundation, Bilquis Edhi is no longer with us. Born in Bantua on August 14, 1947. She moved to Karachi with her parents after the partition of India. She has always served humanity, never discriminated against anyone on the basis of color, race or religion. What other religion or race do you belong to? She devoted her entire life to the service of humanity. For this work she did not even care for her children. She did this work with great joy and dedication. She would carry it on her own, she would never get a frown on her forehead because of these deeds. Life style was so simple that people were addicted to her simplicity, she knew very well the skill of saying deep things with simplicity. She had the same pain in her heart for everyone as a mother has for her child in her heart. She used to give love and affection to every orphaned child like her own child. He also married girls.

His life revolved around the Edhi Foundation. He had no life outside of it. She has truly dedicated every moment of her life to the Edhi Foundation, saying that she is saddened and saddened that Bilqis Edhi, the pioneer of humanity, world mother and world renowned social leader, passed away on April 15, 2022.

She was a nurse by profession and was one of the most active philanthropists in Pakistan for the last six decades. At the tender age of 16, she enrolled in a nursing training school set up by Edhi Sahib and received formal vocational training in nursing. In view of their hard work, dedication and enthusiasm, Mr. Edhi entrusted them with the responsibilities of the nursing institution. According to Bilquis Edhi, “The tendency of women towards the field of nursing was very low in those days. He worked diligently and diligently for two years in this institution and his hard work and passion became ingrained in the heart of Abdul Sattar Edhi. Thus, in 1966, Balqis Bano became the life partner of Abdul Sattar Edhi. After the marriage, the two social personalities started many new charitable works, including the placement of displaced women in the institution, Edhi Maternity Home, etc. All the welfare work related to women was supervised by Balqis Edhi. Recorded in the World Book, this charitable organization has a worldwide network. In this whole process, Balqis Edhi has been accompanying Abdul Sattar Edhi step by step. She has followed the path of serving humanity by supporting her husband Abdul Sattar Edhi. As Edhi’s spouse, she participated in the service work in such a way that for thousands of homeless people, Edhi Abu and Balqis Edhi were mummy. I am. Indian girl Gita has been with me for fourteen years. In the beginning she used to hold hands and feet, ring the bell with gestures, I thought she was a Hindu, so I named her Gita. I would take her to my Hindu friends’ house. Was, so that he remained attached to his religion, later, I built a temple for him in the center, when I went to India with the Gita, the designer Mahesh Bhatt told me I am surprised you still have the Nobel Prize I did not get it. I replied, “I get this award. They were very surprised by what I said. I said, ‘Everyone calls me Bilqis Mimi. This is the Nobel Prize for me.’ They all had the same pain in their hearts as a mother had in her heart for a child. The orphaned children she met would adopt her, even in the middle of the night she would take one of her sick children to the emergency room. In all works, one of his feet was salty and the other was in Sohrab Goth.

For decades, Bilqis Edhi not only worked with her husband to help the needy, but she also founded the Bilqis Edhi Foundation under her own name. Together with his valuable services, one of his unparalleled work was the establishment of swings. These ‘swings’ meant cradles in which people would leave their children outside Edhi Homes. The Balqis Edhi Foundation had made arrangements not to kill these newborns but to put them in the swings outside Edhi homes, the purpose of which was to save the lives of such children and this work is still going on today. Balqis Edhi To date, the foundation has saved the lives of more than 42,000 Pakistani children. Because of these services, people used to call them angels in human beings. Bilqis Edhi used to say, “I have never felt that these are not my children. When these children call me mother, my heart grows. All the children and Edhi staff used to call her ‘Mummy’. Was Her real children were included in such love. Bilqis said that her children never complained that I do not give them time, they help me. Bilqis Edhi was also the mother of the helpless and orphaned girls who lived in Edhi Homes. She also considered their marriage and education as her duty. Whenever their relationship came, these boys and their families had to go through severe interrogation. It is not so easy for humanity to forget their services. An era of humanity came to an end. She was also called “Mother Pakistan” for dedicating her life to welfare. Balqis Edhi will always live in our hearts for her services.

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