September 22, 2023

At 44, I’m a grandmother — people think I’m lying

claire mcgougan

A 44-year-old grandmother claims she appears so youthful that others accuse her of lying.

Claire McGougan, from Scotland, updates on her TikTok channel on a daily basis and recently received a harsh comment that read: “Granny, yeah right.”

@clairemcgougan6 Reply to @christhoen #fyp #foryou #forupage #LiveForTheChallenge ♬ original sound – Claire Mcgougan

Another person called it “bulls***,” so Claire responded with another video of her cuddling her infant grandchild.

She winks at the camera while giving the drowsy infant a bottle of milk.

“I saw your small comment and decided I’d join in.”

“Yes, I am 100 percent a grandmother – I adore it, it is the nicest thing ever!” “Happiness, happiness.”

The video has been seen over 137,000 times, and many individuals have expressed the same thing.

According to one user: “Gran, you’re stunning! I’m envious of your beauty.”

A second person added: “You look fantastic! People are envious, I believe.”

Someone else informed Claire: “I’m amazed at how many bad comments you get. Gran, you are stunning, and I can’t wait to watch your TikToks.”

Meanwhile, others attempted to guess Claire’s age, with some predicting 40 and one person predicting 50.

“45 in July – the 3rd if you want to send me a birthday card,” the Scots grandmother reminded them.

Claire then agreed to using a filter but said she hadn’t had any cosmetic surgery done.

“The only thing smoothing out my face is me using a filter – everything else is me,” she explained.

This comes after a fit gran who blew out 53 candles on her birthday cake said that men half her age flirt with her and want her phone number.

And a 63-year-old gym bunny stated that the key to attracting “18-year-old suitors” was just eating less sweets and exercising.

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