October 2, 2023

ABHAY the third season of the series

Sometimes the build-up of a story is very long but in the end nothing special happens so the story sits.


ABHAY the series was the only series after which I realized that Indians have been able to go beyond their traditional Bollywood nonsense and create better content. After that the Asar series strengthened my faith.

ABHAY the best aspect of the series was that each story ended in one episode, because if the main characters were the same then the emotional attachment to the characters in each episode remains the same but the villains keep changing.

The best thing about Kanal Khimo’s acting was that there was no over-acting.

I just watched the third season of Abhay recently. Due to lack of time many comments are pending but it was necessary to comment on time now.

Abhay’s third season was also very good as expected. The beginning is the same as it was in season two that there is a main story going on with the common stories which eventually becomes a headache for the police.

(Spoiler alert)

(Vijay Raz and Rahul Dev’s entry had increased the chances of success for Season 3.

The acting and production quality was excellent. Overall this season managed to maintain a good suspense until the end.

I liked this season but at the same time I realized that I am still getting involved in Bollywood nonsense.

Web series have become very popular in India because Bollywood nonsense has penetrated into the old formats to such an extent that they destroy the good story.

A villain is shown who is many times bigger than the hero and then heaps on the same punch of the hero. The thugs hit the walls trying to fly away after eating a corn. The villain whose ad takes half an hour is finished in five minutes by eating the shoes of the hero.

Sometimes the build-up of a story is very long but in the end nothing special happens so the story sits.

This season seems to me to be the same as the first two seasons.

Abhay’s new season is one of the most recommended series. It will not disappoint you.

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