September 22, 2023

70 years of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II have come to an end

The following is a list of important moments during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II became the first British ruler to rule for seven decades on Sunday.

He has expressed “good wishes” for Camilla, the wife of his heir Prince Charles, now known as the Queen’s Consort.

The following is a list of important moments during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

1952 – The Queen’s journey begins with the Princess

Princess Elizabeth, 25, was on a trip to Kenya with her husband, Prince Philip, when her father, King George VI, died on February 6 at the age of 56. He had to leave his visit and return to the UK in a hurry.

1953 – Coronation

Queen Elizabeth II was not crowned until mid-1953. He was finally crowned on June 2 in front of 8,500 guests at Westminster Abbey.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but TV sales have skyrocketed.

1977 – Silver Jubilee

After 25 years on the throne, the Queen reaffirmed her commitment to life in Britain and the Commonwealth, where she spoke at the age of 21 in 1947.

1992 – The year of misfortune

This year, Prince Elizabeth II’s eldest son and heir, Prince Charles, separated from Princess Diana. His other son, Prince Andrew, was separated from his wife, Sarah. Her only daughter, Princess Anne, was also divorced from her husband, Mark Phillips.

The Queen’s favorite home in west London was badly damaged in the blaze. He described the 12 months as “unfortunate” for him.

1997 – Diana dies

Diana’s death in a car accident on August 31, 1997 shook the royal family. It was one of the few occasions when the queen was criticized for staying in her home state of Scotland.

She finally returned and paid tribute to Diana on TV, which helped reduce public anger.

2002 – Golden Jubilee

He turned 50 in 2002. But that same year, his mother and younger sister, Margaret, died. On this occasion, the people expressed their support for the royal family.

2011 – State visit to Ireland

The Queen’s visit to Ireland was the first by a British monarch since the independence of the Republic of Ireland in 1922 and the largest security operation ever to take place there.

Other than his speech in Irish, other symbolic gestures helped advance reconciliation and strengthen the peace process in Northern Ireland, after years of conflict over British rule.

2012 – Olympics and Diamond Jubilee

The Queen and other members of the royal family visited every part of Britain on their 60th anniversary on the throne.

The Queen’s participation with Daniel Craig, who played James Bond in the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics, was very interesting.

2021 – Corona, Prince Philip’s death and health concerns

The corona virus forced the elderly queen to isolate herself in Windsor, from where she was visible to the public via video conference.

Prince Philip died in April 2021 at the age of 99, at the end of the year. went.

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