September 22, 2023

7 Ways to Create Videos and Increase Subscribers on YouTube

YouTubers should keep in mind the following seven things.

7 Ways -Increase Subscribers on YouTube

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Pakistani youtubers and content creators will definitely be familiar with Irfan Junejo while there are 2 million subscribers and followers on all social media platforms.

Recently, after completing 5 years of making videos on YouTube, he gave some tips to new youtubers, in which he said that 7 most important things for anyone to make good videos on YouTube and increase their subscribers. Be careful.

Irfan Junejo said in his series of tweets on January 27 that 5 years ago he started making videos on YouTube as a hobby but then it became his career and he started making money from it.

According to YouTuber, he has learned a lot in the last five years and is still learning, however, he wants to tell new YouTubers from his experience seven important things that they can keep in mind to make good videos.

YouTubers should keep in mind the following seven things.

First of all, audio is more important than video quality on YouTube

This means that the sound of the video uploaded on YouTube should be clear which should be clearly understood by the listener.

Second, being satisfied is tantamount to ending a YouTube channel.

This means that no one is dissatisfied with their content, they keep reviewing the content they have created and get feedback from other people as well.

Third, thumbnails and titles are just as important as the video.

This means that when uploading to YouTube, the small image that appears in the thumbnail of the video should be so attractive that the viewer must watch the video as well as the title of the video which is also called the headline. Go

Fourth: The 2: 1 screen ratio is the best on YouTube videos.

This means that when shooting a video for YouTube, if the screen ratio is set to 2: 1 then the video will be great.

Fifth: Viral video is the destruction of your intelligence.

According to Irfan Junejo, the most detrimental thing for any YouTuber is to have a video go viral, because that video affects creativity.

Sixth: Don’t claim to be the most prominent, try to do your best.

Irfan Junejo says that no YouTuber should claim that he does the most outstanding work, but he should keep doing the best and unique work, it will give him a lot to learn.

Seventh: Choosing the best graphics and music

That is, the lines and figures included in the YouTube video should be typed clearly and well and become part of the best music video.

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