Search for Separatist Leader Continues in Jalandhar, 78 supporters of Khalistan Arrested

Police have arrested 78 associates of pro-Khalistan Sikh leader.

The search for Amrit Pal Singh, a Sikh preacher and separatist leader, continues for the second day in the Indian city of Jalandhar.

Police have arrested 78 associates of pro-Khalistan Sikh leader.

30-year-old Amrit Pal Singh is demanding Khalistan for Sikhs.

Last month, armed with swords, knives and guns, Amrit Pal Singh and his accomplices stormed a police station after one of his accomplices was arrested for alleged assault and attempted kidnapping.

Several police personnel were injured in the attack. After that, the pressure on the authorities to take action against Amrit Pal Singh increased.

On Saturday, the police launched an operation to find and arrest Amrit Pal Singh.
Punjab Police tweeted that it has arrested 78 people in a major crackdown.

According to local media reports, there is heavy police presence in Punjab and especially in rural areas and Amrit Pal Singh’s village Jalopur on Sunday.

Police say that the search for Amrit Pal Singh is on and the situation is under control. Police have requested citizens not to believe rumours.

Local media say that the Punjab government has ordered to keep mobile internet off till Monday afternoon.

There were fears that social media could be used to spread rumors and misinformation to fuel street violence.

Indian authorities often shut down internet services, especially in Kashmir.

The Sikh-majority state of Punjab was rocked by a violent separatist movement for Khalistan in the 1980s and 1990s. Thousands of people were killed during this time.

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