Iran Saudi Arabia Agreement

American sources also say that under the old agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia,

Iran Saudi Arabia Agreement

Iran Saudi Arabia Agreement

The world is moving towards change in different ways, as the world saw in the last few days that the two rival countries of the Middle East signed an agreement of friendship and cooperation. By making this agreement, China has embroiled America in a big dilemma. Now, in the Middle East, where the coin of the United States used to run after the Second World War, China has suddenly jumped and brought the other rival countries of the region to a table, giving the world a pleasant surprise. Representative John Kirby said in a statement that the United States supports all efforts and actions to reduce tensions between the two countries. We are happy that due to the recent agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the diplomatic relations that have been closed for seven years will be re-established and embassies will be established in both countries, which will have a positive impact on the political economy and stability of the region, while the American The representative of the Ministry of Defense, William Hollert, has described this agreement as China’s number one threat against the United States. People associated with the American think tank group said that Chinese President Xi Jinping is increasing his influence in the region. In the past few days, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Saudi Arabia, where he was warmly welcomed, while a Months ago, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi visited Beijing in January. As a result of the visits of these two personalities, Iran and Saudi Arabia have come closer. In fact, after the murder of Washington Post journalist Khushgi in 2018, a kind of tension arose between the United States and Saudi Arabia, as the United States prioritized the slogans of human rights, freedom of expression and democracy in its foreign policy. In such a situation, in those countries where hereditary, monarchical or totalitarian governments rule, the relationship between them and the United States has returned cold. Earlier, the former US President Trump had unilaterally terminated the talks on the nuclear issue with Iran. Meanwhile, after the assassination of an important Iranian general and the supervisor of Iran’s nuclear program, General Qassem Soleimani, the tension between Iran and the United States increased and the political situation in the Middle East became more tense. The spokesman of the US Department of State said that this agreement is actually a slap in the face of the US, while some American and European diplomats believe that the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia will at least end the long-running civil war in Yemen and The attacks of the Houthi rebels will stop, but some circles say that the ink of the agreement is not yet dry. Further steps are yet to be decided.

A rift occurred between the close relations between the United States and Iran when Shah Reza Shah Pahlavi of Iran was overthrown and Imam Khomeini and his fellow clerics established a government in Iran. It was said that they took American diplomats hostage for a long time and seized the embassy. Imam Khomeini’s main strength was the thousands of guards who made the Iranian revolution a success and established the government of the Iranian Ulama group. It is said that in the long war between Iran and Iraq, the Pasdaran suffered the most and this war was fought with the Pasdaran instead of the Iranian forces. There is a famous saying that revolution eats its children first. Perhaps the main reason for this is that the promises made by the leaders and supporting elites before the revolution are forgotten after the revolution and ground realities come in place of the spirituality of the revolution. Pasdaran came in handy in the Iran-Iraq war.

A Pentagon spokesman argues that some quarters are exaggerating the deal, even though Saudi Arabia told the United States two years ago that it was in talks with Iran and China, so the United States is aware of the situation. was But in the opinion of some circles, by signing the Iran-Saudi Arabia agreement, China has taken a step forward from geo-economics to geopolitics. This problem is not difficult for America. China can fulfill its economic interests in the Middle East, but it cannot advance politically. These circles say that the more important agreement than the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia is the agreement between Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Emirates with Israel. Perhaps the main reason for the opinion of these circles is that China is ruled by the Communist Party, while Iran and Saudi Arabia are more deeply rooted in their religious creeds and beliefs. They can go as far as socio-economics but not much progress towards socio-politics.

American sources also say that under the old agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia, American military forces are stationed in Saudi Arabia and will remain there, in addition to the agreement to provide the United States with patriotic missiles and other weapons, all of which The US is supplying Saudi Arabia. In addition, a large segment of American public opinion has become fed up with the ongoing wars in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Due to the agreement with Iran, there is hope that peace will be established in these countries because the majority of the people of the world are tired of war and conflict. Covid-19 has greatly affected the economy and society of the world. It is said that more such deadly viruses are threatening to spread around the world. Recently, the covid has appeared again in a new form in China and the Chinese government is struggling to control it, something similar is happening in the neighboring country India. In other words, the world is facing serious problems in various aspects.

Apart from this, a year has passed since the Russia-Ukraine war. The European countries are facing very serious problems due to this war, the biggest problem is that these countries are facing problems in the availability of natural gas and oil. On the other hand, the two main countries supplying wheat, Russia and Ukraine, are suffering from problems in their grain supply due to the war, the world grain prices are increasing and inflation has made life miserable for the people. Pakistan is also facing similar problems. In addition, the natural environment is becoming the biggest problem, but it has almost taken the world in its grip. A few days ago, there were heavy storms in the cities of Europe, the Pacific Ocean and the United States, and there was snow, which suspended life in many countries. Rains and floods have caused billions of dollars in damage and hundreds of precious lives have been lost, and this is still going on. In this situation, a friendly agreement between countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia is said to be like a breeze. Israel’s long-standing aggressive policy in the Middle East has led to three wars in the region. Israel is more worried because of the recent Iran-Arab deal, and a large section of the Israeli public blames Netanyahu’s failed foreign policy for this situation. However, on the positive side, Israel has established cordial relations with Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Turkey and Egypt are getting closer to Israel, so it can be hoped that Israel can make more positive changes in its policy, as changes are very necessary in the direction the world is going.

Today’s world is growing dependent on other countries. Only a flexible policy can succeed. For example, not long ago, it was unthinkable that Iran and Saudi Arabia could shake hands with each other. China can achieve gradual success.

According to Iranian media, embassies will be opened in both countries within two months. Since Iran maintains a conservative policy towards Shiaism, while Saudi Arabia adheres to its old religious traditions towards Sunnism, conservatives on both sides worry that their country is being influenced by Chinese ideology. It won’t happen. While rejecting this thought of the above-mentioned conservative circles, most of the liberal circles said that Russia, China, etc. are not supporters of religious traditions. This is true, but taking into account the respect that Iran and Saudi Arabia have for their own beliefs and religious traditions, it can be said that Russian or Chinese ideas cannot distort the religious beliefs of these two Muslim countries, nor can they. The big powers know this very well, but America has religious traditions. Although the American society has democratic traditions of liberalism and open society, however, the current President Joe Biden and his Democratic Party emphasize human rights, democratic rights, and freedom of expression in the world, but in the society of the two Islamic countries mentioned above, one of these ideas is There is room for improvement, but Iran and the Arabs are always ready to cooperate in the economic and trade sectors and to benefit from modern technology. It has been initiated by the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and he has started efforts to complement the religious traditions and beliefs in his country as well as adapt his society to the contemporary requirements of the new age. For example, women have been allowed to drive while wearing Islamic veil, freedom to complete their domestic and personal affairs by themselves. In other words, women can now do all the work within the framework of Islamic ideology and religious tradition. The second aspect of this agreement is that both countries can definitely develop some flexibility in their political and social attitudes and can also be fully committed to their respective religions. There is a deep gulf between the two sides in terms of beliefs, so it can be said that no major change can be expected, moreover, there are no signs of mutual acceptance of Western ideas by either side. Both the countries can certainly make efforts to adapt to the contemporary demands and utilize modern technology in their respective societies.

Most American diplomatic experts believe that after this agreement, competition between the United States and China is expected to increase further. The way it is gradually increasing its role in political affairs at the global level, it feels like this, but some intellectuals believe that commercially, China has definitely made its place in the world markets because it has everything. manufactures according to two or three standards, one standard for US and European customers, the second for Middle East and Far East countries, while the third is more affordable goods for Africa and Latin America. Thus, China has become a major commercial superpower. It may not be as easy as trade to meet the different demands of the political arena, since the Chinese Communist Party is so large and its Politburo, which runs the government and formulates policies, is said to follow purely communist ideals. That this is Chinese Communism.

The key question for experts regarding the recent agreement is what will happen to Iran’s proposed nuclear program under the new circumstances. Will Iran continue the process of enriching uranium, because the United States has been opposed to Iran’s nuclear program in addition to the Arab states. But some informed sources say that Iran has developed a nuclear bomb with the help of China and progress is being made regarding the top-secret program to develop more nuclear weapons, and now one of the reasons for the Iran deal is that by signing an agreement with Iran. Will be made friends. This can happen because anything is possible in the global political situation. In the past years, a secret report has alarmed the world, which stated that in the chaos and looting that occurred after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, the world’s major smuggling groups had entered into various agreements with Russia. Nuclear weapons, missiles, modern rockets and other sensitive weapons were stolen from secret local centers and sold in the global market. In this regard, the names of some countries were also revealed, but the media was silenced on this.

The United Nations Non-Proliferation Agency has expressed deep concern in this regard. During this critical period, two United Nations secretaries-general, one Butrus Namali and the other Kofi Annan, faced a critical situation, while the United States emerged as a superpower in the early nineties. Proliferation of other former Soviet Union sensitive weapons. In such a case, the names of Israel, Great Britain, France and Holland were also mentioned, but no confirmation has yet come out.

The second important question that is worthy of consideration for experts is what will be the role of Israel in this region now?

It is obvious to everyone that the original patron of Israel was Great Britain, later the United States also became its patron, because the Jewish population in the United States is second only to Israel. When oil was discovered in other states in the Middle East region one by one, the American oil company had bought all the areas from British Petroleum, Aramco had made BP its partner in a few places, that was the height of the Cold War in the world. Israel was established as an important defense post or center for the security of the oil producing states in the region. Now that the world has been liberated from the war and the centers of power are also changing, Israel is no longer in the same position as before.

It should be noted that the total population of Jews in the world is slightly more than 200 million, while about 700,000 of them live in Israel, followed by 200,000 in the United States, and the rest of the world. Despite the small number of Jewish population in the world, why do they have so much influence in the world? This is because in the past years or in the recent past, Jews have realized the point that in order to live in the modern world and to ensure their safety, they must acquire as much expertise and skill as possible in education, research and modern sciences. , which is why they are involved in three-quarters of the world’s inventions and discoveries today. This is the reason why Jews today, despite being so small in number, are prominent in almost all fields. A few years ago, in order to solve the shortage of water in the country, Israel, in addition to making sea water usable and building various plants, has also built a lake, which collects the dew that falls at night, as if drop by drop. becomes a river. Most of the Arab states have secretly hired Jewish experts to transform the deserts into lush fields and gardens. There are examples of Oman Jordan Lebanon. Israeli think tanks will certainly benefit from the Iran-Saudi deal and Israel will continue to play its role in the region. Regarding this agreement, some experts are of the opinion that through this, China can easily supply oil from Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, etc. through Iran, Pakistan to its border in Kashgar in order to ensure and cheap oil supply. It cannot be intercepted anywhere, thus making the shipping of oil by sea more expensive both in terms of time and cost. If China uses this route for its own oil supply, it will be of great benefit to China, which is expected to happen. This pipeline can also have positive effects. In this regard, Pakistan can also reap benefits, provided the leaders put national interest first.

In this regard, Pakistan’s political and administrative circles must take into account the fact that many things are changing in the world, this process of change and development will become more, even though this planet is affected by natural disasters, human greed and self-indulgence. There are many serious problems facing interest, but one thing has happened in our region which no one expected. The two sides of the river Eran and Arabia will meet.

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