Every great love Affair Begins During Rehearsal

But on this occasion Ratna paid no attention. Naseeruddin Shah meant nothing more to Ratna than a talented actor.

Naseeruddin Shah ratna pathak

Naseeruddin Shah ratna pathak

Renowned Indian Actor Naseeruddin Shah believes that the greatest love stories in the world of theater begin during the rehearsal of a play. They alluded to their love story that began in 1975 on the sets of a drama called ‘Sambhog Se Sannyas Tak’.

In an interview given to Indian Media, he said that he first met actress Ratna Phatak Shah at a juice stall outside the National College in Mumbai and the spark of love ignited there.

But on this occasion Ratna paid no attention. Naseeruddin Shah meant nothing more to Ratna than a talented actor.

As Ratna got a chance to spend time with Naseeruddin Shah on the sets of the drama, a place in her heart also started to grow.

Naseeruddin Shah said that the two did not have a normal relationship but had strong feelings for each other and decided to get married after six years of testing each other.

At that time, Naseeruddin Shah was already married and had a daughter, but the couple had separated.
After being in a romantic relationship for six years, the two lovers tied the knot on April 1, 1982.

Reminiscing 40 years ago, Ratna said, “It was a wedding in which the bride and groom were enjoying themselves more than the guests.”

There was no crying in our marriage. I remember when I was leaving my mother’s house, we were all singing Badai songs together. Naseer and I sang a lot of badai songs.

During forty years of marriage, there were fights between Naseer and Ratna, but both of them enjoyed life together.

Like any normal couple, both get angry at each other’s little things.

Naseeruddin Shah doesn’t like Ratna’s habit of taking ten minutes to get out of the car, while Ratna gets very angry when her husband leaves his dirty clothes on a clean towel.

Despite all this, Ratna thinks there is an equal relationship between the two.

“We became very good friends and remain good friends.”

Ratna says that even in her career, Naseeruddin Shah always encouraged her and forced her to give better performances.

In the seventies and eighties, Naseeruddin Shah and Ratna Phatak worked together in many films including Mirch Masala and Perfect Murder.

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