Fake documents, Canada orders 700 Indian students to leave the country

However, the Canadian government was not informed about the change in the college.


Indian students admitted to Canada on the basis of fake documents have been ordered to leave the country by the Border Security Agency.

700 students had applied for study visas through a private organization called Education Migration Services in Jalandhar, Punjab.

The institute charged more than Rs 1.6 lakh per student to ensure admission to a prestigious college called ‘Humber Institute’ in Toronto, including the admission fee.

The fraud of students moving to Canada between 2018 and 2019 came to light when they applied for Permanent Residency (PR). But by then, most of these students had completed their education and gained work experience in Canada.

When the immigration authorities scrutinized the admission offer letter given by the college, it was found that the visa was issued on the basis of the fake letter.

According to experts, this kind of fraud has come to light for the first time.

A consultant from Jalandhar said that the students who were given offer letters from the colleges, did not get degrees from there.

“They were either transferred to other colleges or asked to wait until the next semester while some other information was provided in the visa application.”

According to experts, some agents take advantage of students who want to go to Canada and issue them fraudulent visas.

Among these 700 students, one student, who asked not to be named, said he had completed a diploma in computer science from a public Canadian college while the agent provided an offer letter from a private college while applying for the visa. was

According to the student, due to the low fees, he expressed his desire to go to a government college instead of a private one, on which the agent also helped him get admission in another college while refunding the fee.

However, the Canadian government was not informed about the change in the college.

Another consultant speaking to the newspaper Indian Express said that the colleges should also be investigated in this case and find out whether the ‘offer letters’ were fake or issued by the college itself.

The students say that in all this case the agent, working very carefully, did not put his signature on any paper but applied from the students themselves, so it will be difficult to find evidence of the agent’s involvement.

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