Desperate for fresh air, 4 Astronauts Return to Earth after 5 months

Desperate for fresh air, 4 astronauts return to Earth after 5 months



Four astronauts have returned to Earth from the space station through a high-speed flight of the SpaceX rocket.

According to US National Public Radio, the capsule carrying the astronauts landed in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida.

The group, consisting of astronauts from Russia, America and Japan, spent five months in the International Space Station. These astronauts went in October last year.

In addition to swirling debris in space, the astronauts also had to contend with a leaky Russian capsule orbiting the outside of orbit.

These astronauts also delivered many essential items for other crew members already in the station.

This team of astronauts was headed by American woman Nicole Mann. The four astronauts left the International Space Station on Saturday morning and landed in the ocean in their Dragon capsule in just under 19 hours, where they were picked up by teams on the ground.

Earlier, these astronauts had to wait for a few days due to stormy winds on the way to land from the space station. The replacement team members of these astronauts had already reached the station a week ago.

After landing on the ground, the team leader said that they were eagerly waiting for the fresh air and were eager for the breeze on their face, the smell of the grass and the tasty food of the land.

Arriving on Earth, Japanese astronaut Koichi Wakata looked forward to eating sushi and drinking Russian Anna Kekina tea from its ‘real cup’ instead of a plastic bag.

NASA astronaut Josh Casada has a list of things to do when he leaves the space station, including a plan to get a rescue dog for his family.

While leaving the space station, he joked, “Our two cats shouldn’t find out.”

There are currently three American, three Russian and one UAE astronaut in the International Space Station.

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