How the Fugitive Sicilian mafia Don was saved by his Sister from the Police for 30 years?

But it is also a fact that it was because of Rosalia Messina that Italy’s most wanted criminal was brought to justice.

Sicilian mafia

Sicilian mafia

Many stories related to the mafia of Sicily, Italy are famous and Hollywood movies have been made about their lifestyle.

In these films, the women of mafia families are portrayed in a certain way, where their role is limited to running the household affairs and being widows whose destiny is written.

But the recent revelations after the arrest of Rosalia Messina, sister of Don Matteo Messina Dinaro of the Sicilian mafia ‘Cosa Nostra’, show that the reality is much more complicated than that.

According to AFP, the sister of the most wanted mafia don Matteo Messina has revealed that she was running all the affairs of the mafia in the absence of her fugitive brother.

Sicilian mafia Don Sister

Rosalia was arrested earlier this month, while her brother, Matteo Messina, who has been on the run for 30 years, was captured by police on January 16.

In Mafia don Matteo Messina’s absence, all orders were issued by his sister, she looked after the finances and secret messages for her brother were delivered through her.

In Rosalia Messina’s arrest warrant, prosecutor Alfredo wrote that for decades, she had been running all of her brother’s affairs, giving Cosa Nostra a strong leader.

But it is also a fact that it was because of Rosalia Messina that Italy’s most wanted criminal was brought to justice.

In December 2022, the police were able to secretly enter Rosalia’s house, while the police were installing cameras and microphones in various places, and found a paper in a secret corner of the chair, which was actually handwritten. There was a message.

The message contained instructions for providing medical care to a person suffering from cancer. After reading this message, the police were convinced that the man was none other than a mafia don, after which an operation was launched and only a month later Matteo Messina was arrested at a health center.
In 1992, Matteo Messina issued orders to kill anti-Mafia judge Giovanni Felcone in a message with clear instructions to be burned immediately after being read. But his sister sometimes saved these handwritten messages which later led to the mafia don’s arrest.

Rosalia who spends half her life hiding her brother but in the end unknowingly betrays her.

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