Common Mistakes People Make while Driving

Experts advise to avoid speeding and also insist on adhering to the prescribed standards for the road you are traveling on and every year many accidents happen due to this reason.


Just as certain responsibilities fall on your shoulders as soon as you take up a position, as soon as you sit in the driving seat, you change completely from a person who is traveling in a car that is driven by someone else and neither You remain the person sitting in a room or office.

If you are wondering what to do and what not to do while driving, then this answer is given in the report of Siddithi magazine. In it, experts have identified the common mistakes that most people make while driving, which not only damage the vehicle but can also cause loss of life.


Never sit in the driving seat if you are physically unwell or tired. If your body needs rest, go and rest. Even if faced with such a situation in the middle of the way, stop the vehicle and relax because after that you will reach your destination otherwise anything can happen.

High speed

Experts advise to avoid speeding and also insist on adhering to the prescribed standards for the road you are traveling on and every year many accidents happen due to this reason.

Wear proper footwear

Driving in flip flops or shoes commonly used in the bathroom can be dangerous, and barefoot driving should definitely not be attempted.

Experts say that you should wear suitable shoes for driving, they can be boots and sandals, but avoid using shoes that are too loose or too big or too small.

Do not drive aggressively

This usually happens when the driver gets angry about something, it can be due to the fault of another driver or it can be caused by something else. Experts emphasize not to drive while angry. If distracted driving occurs, stop the vehicle and calm yourself down. Don’t even try to compete with other vehicles like this.

Seat Belt

This is an important thing, the importance of seat belt is obvious in the event of an accident, thanks to it, loss of life can be avoided.

Using headphones

Listening to music during a journey, especially a long one, is not uncommon and it is not too objectionable, but using headphones is not a good idea.

Listening to music through headphones distracts you and outside sounds like the horn of another car etc. are not heard properly, so try to listen to music through open speakers.

Carelessness in bad weather

By the way, driving should always be done according to the rules, but their sensitivity increases when the weather changes. If heavy rain has started, one needs to be more careful. Keep your speed low and keep an eye on your surroundings. Similarly, some extra care is needed while drawing in bright sunlight or in snow.

Use of mobile phones

Your mind and eyes should be focused on driving and the biggest obstacle in its way is seen to be the mobile phone these days. A button has to be pressed and the process can be more distracting. Therefore, try not to use a mobile phone while driving, while writing or reading text messages on it can be even more dangerous.

Distance from next vehicle

Often drivers drive too close to the next vehicle and if it has to brake in an emergency, your vehicle may collide with it, so drive at a reasonable distance. But if a vehicle is driving too close behind you, move to the left and give it a chance to overtake.

A state of intoxication

Everyone knows that the effects of taking drugs remain in the body for a long time, so avoid driving while under the influence. Taking the cigarette out of the packet and then lighting it.

Adjust the seat

Everyone knows that driving a car can sway back and forth if you drive it without adjusting it according to your size, it will cause you problems which can lead to problems so adjust the seat as soon as you sit.

Other Common Mistakes

Reading a paper or a message on a mobile phone while driving is a big mistake, it can distract you and lead to an accident.

Neglecting to use the handbrake is also considered a mistake that can lead to serious damage.

The use of the handbrake is advised when parking the vehicle anywhere, especially where the ground is uneven.

A sudden increase or decrease in the speed of the vehicle is considered as a mistake because it leads to the possibility of an accident and also adversely affects the condition of the vehicle. Fuel consumption is affected and if the load on certain parts increases suddenly, there is a possibility of breakdown in the vehicle.

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