Regime change in Iran, the majority of the US House of Representatives support the resolution

He further said that the Iranian government should be expelled in any case.

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The majority of the US House of Representatives has supported the demand for regime change and disarmament in Iran.

According to Arab News, the Iranian-American People’s Organization, which opposes the Tehran government, hosted a meeting in the capital, announcing that 222 of the 435 members of the House supported the resolution, which was passed on February 7. It called for a secular and popular government in Iran while condemning the Iranian government’s human rights abuses.

On the sidelines of the meeting on Thursday, several Republican and Democratic members spoke in favor of the resolution and expressed the desire that Iran should be replaced by a democratic government.

The resolution of the House states that it supports the desire of the Iranian people for a democratic, secular and non-nuclear Iran while also condemning the human rights violations committed by the Iranian government. ‘

This resolution has no legal authority, but its purpose is to reflect the support of the Iranian people and opposition to the actions of the government there.

It condemned human rights violations committed by the Iranian government since the police detention of Mahsa Amini in September to suppress protests.

Mehsa Amini, 22, was detained by the moral police for not wearing the hijab properly and later died.
The resolution also states that the House of Representatives stands with the Iranian people who are struggling for their legal rights and freedom against oppression. The House also strongly condemns the killing of protesters by the Iranian government and recognizes the right of Iranians to establish a democratic, secular and non-nuclear country.

The resolution calls on the Joe Biden administration to work with the United Nations and international human rights organizations to hold the Tehran government accountable for human rights violations.

Texas Republicans Pete Sessions and Randy Weber reiterated their commitment to support the demands of the Iranian people.

On this occasion, Weber said that “Iran should not have nuclear weapons.” He also supported the use of military force for this purpose.

He further said that the Iranian government should be expelled in any case. There is no room for more such tyrants, be it the Shah or any other leader.

He was referring to Iran’s former ruler Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, whose regime was overthrown in 1979, and current Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Democratic members Deborah Ross and Sheila Jackson Lee gave emotional speeches mentioning the rights of Iranian women and reminding that the world celebrated International Women’s Day this week.
Ross, from California, assured the community’s Iranian and American leaders, activists and supporters that “we are with you.”

Sheila Jackson Lee, who hails from Texas, praised Maryam Rajavi, Iran’s opposition leader and president of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, calling her a ‘freedom fighter’.
He also appreciated the efforts of the Iranian and American communities, which they are doing to bring change in Iran even while living in the United States.
He said, “Being a believer in the teachings of Martin Luther King, I am a supporter of a nuclear-weapon-free Iran.”
She said she believes in non-violence and peaceful protest and hopes that change can be brought about in Iran peacefully without any loss of life.
The said resolution is yet to receive a formal vote from Congress, but it has a clear majority and is likely to pass easily.

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