Secret visit of the US President

The White House releases a schedule of the US President’s engagements every morning.

joe Biden

joe Biden

The White House releases a schedule of the US President’s engagements every morning. It was apparently not unusual for the schedule released on Sunday, February 19, to be on a Monday, as Sunday is a holiday. It was reported that President Joe Biden will leave for the capital, Warsaw, on a two-day visit to Poland on Monday evening. The visit was pre-arranged. Since Poland is a neighbor of Ukraine, which has been at war for a year, the media viewed the visit a little differently. One of the things that interested journalists in this schedule was that there were at least two long periods in the visit, in which no meeting with President Biden was scheduled. On this, some investigative reporters thought that it is possible for the American president to go to Ukraine because they are on the same border, and on February 26, the war will be completed for one year. The journalists in the White House repeatedly raised the question during the media briefing whether there is a possibility of President Biden’s visit to Ukraine, but the spokesperson denied it every time, saying that there is no such plan and the President is not going anywhere from Warsaw, but This statement did not turn out to be true and President Biden made a secret visit to Ukraine as predicted. It was later learned that the visit was finalized on Friday, just two days ago, and preparations were being made very quietly, which only the closest advisers of the President knew about. Interestingly, President Biden was scheduled to leave for Poland on Monday evening, but Air Force One, which carries the US president, left for its European destination early in the morning. A small team was placed on Air Force One, which included the president’s closest advisers, medical personnel and security personnel. Two journalists were also given the opportunity to accompany this secret visit, but they were sworn to secrecy and their mobile phones were taken away. The two journalists were told that they are not allowed to report until the US President arrives in Ukraine.

It is said to be the most secretive visit of any US president in recent times. Well, these types of visits have been taking place under American diplomacy, to achieve extraordinary results. Pakistan also got an opportunity to participate in a similar visit. In 1971, when the situation in the eastern flank was extremely critical, the American Secretary of State and Security Affairs arrived in Islamabad on a three-day visit. Clouds of war between Pakistan and India were hovering. Just a few days ago, a bilateral defense agreement was signed between Russia and India, which created an extraordinary change in the situation, as per this agreement, Russia was bound to provide all kinds of military assistance and support to India. It was believed that this visit of Henry Kissinger was in this background. The international press was in Islamabad looking for news on the backdrop of Pakistan-US relations. There were defense agreements between Pakistan and America, according to which America had to help Pakistan in case of war. However, the end of this tour changed the world scenario completely. Secretary of State Kissinger was scheduled to meet with the Pakistani president, Yahya Khan, in Murree, but on the very first day a small piece of news broke that Kissinger had been forced to rest due to indigestion after arriving in Pakistan, the meeting was canceled and he Will rest for two days. Not even two days had passed when news suddenly came that Henry Kissinger had returned to Murry after visiting China. During this visit, he met the Chinese Supreme Leader Mao Zedong and Prime Minister Cho Enlai. In the same period, it was decided that the American president will visit China in the next year, i.e. in 1972, US-China diplomatic relations will be established and thus China will be recognized and given a seat as a permanent member of the United Nations. Remember, America used to consider Taiwan as China and it had this seat. The visit changed the map of the world and its effects were visible later, when Russia collapsed, Eastern Europe became independent and the United States became the sole superpower, and China made extraordinary economic progress and became the second largest power in the world. got Pakistan facilitated the visit exceptionally, which proved to be important in reducing tensions in the world, so when Bhutto visited China as the President of Pakistan after the secession of East Pakistan, the Chinese Prime Minister Chu An. In his speech, Lai reminded the US not to forget Pakistan’s role in this great diplomacy and facilitation. President Biden’s visit to Ukraine was also planned in the same way. Obviously, when Henry Kissinger went on a secret visit to China, all the matters between China and the US were already settled, similarly the matters of this sudden and secret visit to Ukraine were already settled at all necessary levels. When and where the US president would meet with his Ukrainian counterpart was part of the minute-to-minute schedule. When and how this news will be broken in the media, it was also completely arranged.

The US president’s presence in the war zone with the Ukrainian president drew more attention to world politics than any speech or press conference in Ukraine or Poland. The sound of sirens warning of air raids in the capital Kiev gave the impression of President Biden’s visit that the US president visited Ukraine at a time when the city was under Russian bombardment. It also indicated that this risk-taking was unusual from the point of view of an American president. Its security is not only important for the country itself, but if any threat were to be posed to them, it would also have an impact on world peace. It looks like part of a Hollywood action movie. American officials say that even before this, the American president has been visiting war-torn countries, but there were American troops and security there, but this time it was not like that. This story will also soon come to light that when the US President visits a place in an unusual security risk, what kind of security arrangements are made by the US government and institutions. Europe has the US and the West’s most effective defense perimeter in the form of NATO, plus air systems, from drones to satellites, can be deployed at a moment’s notice to protect the president’s every move. Is. The interesting thing is that the secret visit of the American President took place immediately after the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister. Let us also mention that Russia was given notice of this visit only a few hours ago. The Russian authorities were informed that this visit is being made in connection with the reduction of tension. It is learned that President Biden traveled by train for his visit to Ukraine and spent ten hours in it. The real story of this secret visit of President Joe Biden will continue to unfold in installments and the reactions of various countries, including Russia, will continue to come out, but the first and main focus is on the fact that the president made a one-sided deal with Ukraine. promised, made it a reality. The Russian president got the message that how far America stands with Ukraine, that it does not even care about the life of its president and is ready to take any action for Ukraine. The journalists who accompanied the American president After traveling in the plane, he expressed surprise that for the first time in history the plane was not called Air Force One. It is a tradition that when the US President travels in any plane, he is called by this name. Now why this was done is also a matter of interest.

The war in Ukraine is becoming more worrying than the global epidemic, Corona, for the whole world. Its biggest victim is the economy of poor countries, which had taken steps to recover a little after the Corona virus, when President Putin’s attack on Ukraine brought it down again. Poor and weak economies of developing countries like Pakistan are facing new challenges, while the Russian president has no plan to help the affected countries. More and more Russia is selling its oil and gas at a 30% lower price, but even this has a lot of conditions for all countries except India and China, which countries like Pakistan have to bear. Even if some of the smaller countries benefit a little, the real benefit is Russia, which is able to escape Western sanctions through trade that is getting the dollars it desperately needs, otherwise it defaults. , when his ruble had fallen to the lowest level. Then Malik, who wants help from Russia, is also afraid of Western sanctions, but Russia is so careless that it has not said a single word on any forum. On the other hand, the West has been largely successful in supporting itself, but it too has not been able to come up with a clear plan to help the rest of the world out of this crisis. It is certain that the spread of war is not beneficial for anyone, including Russia and the West, and the sooner it ends, the sooner the poor people of the world will breathe a sigh of relief. The US has also accused China of supplying weapons to help Russia, but China denies this. Although he is siding with Russia and giving it dollars for cheaper oil, he tries to remain neutral in the war. On the occasion of participating in the World Security Conference in Munich, the Chinese delegate said that “China is neither standing idly by in the war in Ukraine, nor is it pouring fuel on the fire.” An important global issue is also at stake. One hundred years ago, the Treaty of Paris stipulated that no country would occupy another country, i.e., would not make it a part of its empire. It is now a law of the world system. However, Russia has violated it twice. For the first time, he annexed Crimea militarily, made it part of Russia and amended its constitution. The same process was repeated in the eastern border regions of Ukraine for the second time. The argument of both Baras was that the majority there are Russian speakers. If these occupations are justified on linguistic grounds, it will upset the international system. There is no need to go far, Russian culture and language are prevalent in most of the Muslim countries of Central Asia, because the Soviet Union enslaved them for decades, so under the same formula, can they recapture them and make them a part of the Russian state? Is. The same justification was given while attacking Afghanistan that it is a close ally of Soviet Russia. This question is not about supporting or opposing Russia in the Ukraine war, but about the principle of whether small countries have the right to be independent and independent. Shouldn’t Ukraine be free to decide who it contracts with and who it doesn’t? When Pakistan was participating in defense agreements with the US, at one point the Soviet Union put a red circle around Pakistan on the map. If such attitudes of America and other neo-colonial powers are condemned, then how can Russia be exempted from it? It is not the era of Peter the Great or Queen Catherine that the country went on conquering and being called the Great Conqueror. This principle cannot be related to the issue of which country has a large army or nuclear weapons or owns any large natural resources. If you look at where Ukraine is located, there are four major powers. Russia, Europe, NATO and China. The first three of them are directly affected by this war. All experts and countries agree that this is a big test for these countries and powers, how they can get out of the swamp of this war as soon as possible and also save the world from its economic effects.

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