Emirates and Israel relations

UAE, Israel and the United States announced that diplomatic relations were being established between the two countries.

Emirates and Israel relations

Emirates and Israel relations

“Establishing direct ties between two of the Middle East’s most dynamic societies and modern economies will lead to economic growth. Technological innovations and better people-to-people relations will lead to growth in the region.” The two societies and modern economies mentioned here are the United Arab Emirates and Israel. On August 13, the leaders of the UAE, Israel and the United States announced that diplomatic relations were being established between the two countries. It was also said that partnerships in the fields of economy, finance, science, technology and tourism are also being initiated. Obviously, this is no small development. There is an explosion, even bigger, than the one that happened in Beirut. This declaration laid the foundations of many new dimensions in the politics and diplomacy of the world, not only the Middle East, the effects of which will gradually manifest. The world as a whole welcomed this agreement. However, Palestine, which is the directly affected party, expressed strong reservations. Israel’s biggest enemy in the Middle East, Iran’s President Rouhani, called it a betrayal of Palestine, while Turkey also strongly condemned it. The UAE gave a short answer to all of them: As a sovereign state, it did what its interests demanded.” Saudi Arabia, the UAE’s closest ally, said that “Israel cannot be recognized until Until he has a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

First of all, what is the position of the United Arab Emirates among the Arabs and the rest of the world? United Arab Emirates is constitutionally a monarchy, which is a federation of seven states. They include Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman and Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc. It is located at the ends of the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. Its borders are with Oman in the east, Saudi Arabia in the south and west, while the maritime borders are with Qatar and Iran. While there are 86 million immigrants and 60 percent of them belong to South Asia. Among them, 38 percent are Indians, 28 percent are Pakistanis and 13 percent are Bangladeshis. There are also a large number of residents of Egypt, the Philippines and Sri Lanka there. are residing According to statistics, about 1.4 million Pakistanis are employed there. Taking them into account in any of our foreign policies will be the first priority. According to the data of 2020, the GDP of the UAE is about one thousand billion dollars. The United Arab Emirates is an oil producing country and its reserves are the world. India is ranked sixth, while its gas reserves are ranked seventh in the world. Its largest city, Dubai, is a global city. Its airline industry, tourism and especially its commercial sectors are very active. Even though the Corona has dealt a blow to it, its economy has the potential to rebound. Is. According to experts, one of the main reasons for establishing diplomatic relations with Israel is that it wants to further reduce its economy’s dependence on oil. Israel has the resources of technology, which no other Muslim or Arab country has. This city of the United Arab Emirates is an international port and an international airport. The world comes into contact here. This is where East and West meet. Falling oil prices put the UAE under tremendous pressure. Its development depends on immigrants. These 76 percent of employees need facilities and good wishes. In other words, the foreign employee here is the sponsor of himself, his home and his country. United for this triple responsibility. The Arab Emirates needs capital, which was previously well met by oil. Everyone was happy and everywhere the noise was “let’s go, let’s go, let’s go to Dubai”. She came under pressure, so would it be appropriate to criticize her like this? Is this friendship? When the Corona epidemic came, he was under more pressure, so he was forced to look around to manage the economy. Who would help him? Who would deposit billions of dollars in its banks? Iran’s economy is going through the worst period. Turkey’s economic situation is not good either. Saudi Arabia’s economy is looking for new ways due to oil prices. Perhaps Dubai’s rulers and economic managers immediately decided to cooperate with the most developed and stable economy in the Middle East, if they knew it. It was not an easy decision, as Muslim sentiments were strong on him and he would face strong criticism from some quarters.

This is the economic background of Dubai, but politically the fear that critics have been expressing in the past years has now come to the fore. That is, the fear of Iran’s forward policies and supremacy has made these Arab countries away from Israel. has been brought closer, which has gone into an atmosphere of deep suspicion and mistrust since the 2017 Iran nuclear deal. Those who raised the slogan of the Muslim Ummah and were fond of mediation did not play any role in ending the Arab world’s mistrust of Iran. After the nuclear deal, there was the same noise everywhere that Iran is now going to dominate the Middle East. President Rouhani has a very good understanding with America. Zarif and John Kerry have become close friends. Is this deal with America not celebrated in Iran? Obama returned forty billion dollars to Iran in the blink of an eye. Billions of dollars worth of contracts were signed with European countries. Not only that, President Obama gave Russia and Iran the freedom to carry out military operations in Syria. Bombed Syrian civilians. President Assad, who was defeated by the Syrian opposition, suddenly occupied three-quarters of the country in a year. City after city became ruins, but no one cared about the massacre of Syrian citizens in the noise of “ISIS, ISIS”. According to the figures of the United Nations, there have been five lakhs. Also, more than four million citizens are displaced. The UN’s “Peace Roadmap” that was supposed to hold fair elections in Syria has been trashed. Turkey, which was the main supporter of the Syrian opposition since 2011, recognized President Assad after 2018 with a Utern. Russia, which was its biggest enemy, became its friend. Saudi Arabia and The Arab countries that stood with Turkey in the Syrian opposition were suddenly isolated. The Syrian withdrawal was an unbearable wound for the Gulf and the Arab world. At that time, critics said that the victory given to President Assad would not end well, that a late solution would have been better, but Russia’s military power prevailed. Israel was against the nuclear deal as well as Syria. The growing presence of Russia and Iran began to draw the Arabs closer to Israel, the first part of which came in the form of UAE-Israel relations.

Last year, when President Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, 157 countries opposed the US move, but when the UAE-Israel normalization of relations was announced, only two countries did so. There can be no two opinions about the fact that the protection of the rights of the Palestinians and the demand for the establishment of a separate state for them is not only permissible, but it is their right. Four Arab and Israeli wars have been fought for this. Unfortunate. The Arabs failed in all of these. The Arab oil-producing countries also used the oil weapon against the US and Europe, but little progress was made. The Palestinians themselves took the extreme steps of hijacking the planes and blowing them up with bombs, but then what did those who raised slogans in their favor do to them in Lebanon? This fact does not want to be forgotten. The establishment of the current Palestinian Authority came about as a result of the second Camp David peace talks led by Yasser Arafat, the most famous Palestinian independence leader. The major Palestinian political factions, Hamas and the Palestine Liberation Front, have ruled it. Until the beginning of the current decade of the 21st century, there were direct negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel. They were led by the United States, like Camp David. And they received the patronage of the United Nations and all the major powers of the world. Nowadays, the negotiations between Palestine and Israel are at a standstill and the main reason for this is the illegal settlements of Israel in the West Jordan, which everyone condemns. were taking place on the formula of the state solution, which is more or less agreed upon worldwide. The statement of the UAE and Israel said that “the UAE stands by its position of support for Palestine and with this embassy It is expected that the construction of illegal settlements in West Jordan will stop and the negotiations will start again. Israel is currently satisfied with the first point. Apparently, the second thing is not immediately possible.

There are only two ways to make any freedom movement work. The enemy should be driven out of the occupied territories by war, as was done in Vietnam. Or negotiations, in which the formula of “take something and give something” works. Yasser Arafat won the Palestinian Authority after six years of negotiations at Camp David on the same basis. The problem is that since then today. Until now, Arab, Iranian and Muslim politics have been a lot on Palestine, but no concrete plan of action could come out. Not a penny has been given for the development of the Palestinians. Most of the funding for Palestine comes from the US and Europe, and some from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, because the Palestinian state has not yet been able to establish a significant economy. Iran has been talking about erasing Israel for the past four decades, but when its economy began to collapse and Rouhani became president, it put its own interests first and went to the negotiating table with the United States and Europe. The stories of his improved relations between 2013 and 2018 are still fresh. Through these negotiations, he restored his frozen assets of forty billion dollars, opened trade with Europe and brought victory to President Assad in Syria. If Donald Trump If the president did not become, then what would be the history? It is not known, but it is certain that Iran was ready to come back to the world despite all its hostility to America and Israel. Palestine may have gone far back at that time and the stories of the terrible bloodshed of Syria echoed everywhere. or the echo of the nuclear deal. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan has also been very active in the issue of Palestine. During his last term as prime minister, relations with Israel continued to deteriorate. Even the ambassador was recalled, but Ankara and Tel Aviv still maintain diplomatic relations. When Turkey’s foreign ministry criticized the statement, the UAE foreign minister said that “tourism between Israel and Turkey is still more than two billion dollars a year.” Turkey itself is not doing well, however. Erdogan had established excellent relations with the Arabs, especially Saudi Arabia and Egypt, but now he has become a fierce critic and opponent of Saudi Arabia, rather a competitor. Is this a good thing for Palestine and the Muslim world? Regardless of the verbal claims, there is no notable country in the Muslim world today, which can really present its economy as a model, while the world is only a priest of economic superiority and who can experience it better than us. Territorial conflicts and supremacy wars seem to have set the Muslim world back a century. Now it is living on hymns and dramas. Sadly, there has been no concerted progress on the recent destruction of Beirut. The Muslim head was not there. 57 The heads of Muslim countries could not forget their differences with each other even on the human tragedy of Beirut. Critics ask how they will unite against Islamophobia.

There are reports that after the UAE, some other Arab states may also establish relations with Israel. Sudan, the largest Muslim country in Africa in terms of area and population, is signing a peace treaty with Israel. It is known which direction the winds are blowing, but still some experts insist on linking it only to Donald Trump’s election campaign. This may be one reason, but not everything. Anyway, UAE, Israel declared the Arabs. There is a third peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. The first was Egypt-Israel relations and the second was the establishment of a Palestinian state. Perhaps UAE relations are not a big event, but the countries that criticize Dubai and direct it as they like should think that it will not happen when this Arab country cooperates with Israel in military and defense matters. This is not so unexpected, because when big countries like Russia and China, who are open enemies and opponents of the United States, generously buy billions of dollars worth of military equipment and technology from Israel. If there are, then what about the Arab countries? When Bangladesh was established in 1971, any country that recognized it, Islamabad would cut ties with it. Then for some time, when someone recognized Bangladesh, only the ambassador would be recalled. Then the turn came only to condemnation, there were doubts, but the matter came to an end when the OIC summit was held in Lahore. Sheikh Mujib came to Lahore and Pakistan itself recognized Bangladesh. Some things are very painful. They don’t heal, wounds keep rising. They don’t forget, but the oppression of reality and circumstances is very cruel. The solution to the problem of Palestine lies in three things. First, the Palestinians’ own efforts, negotiations or struggle. Secondly, at this time there is a need for the unity of those Muslim countries, which are engaged in any kind of wars and thirdly, the Muslim countries have to pay full attention to their economic strength.

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