President Putin’s Gift of Rings to Allies

The ninth ring is put by President Putin himself.

President Putin

President Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin has gifted eight gold rings to the Allies, prompting jokes and comparisons to the power-hungry ‘Lord of the Rings’ character Sauron. happens.

The leaders of the countries that have been given the rings were part of the Soviet Union.

According to the report, during a summit in St. Petersburg, the eight leaders were given rings with the words “Russia” and “Happy New Year 2023” engraved on them.

The ninth ring is put by President Putin himself.

A photo of the most powerful political figure of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, who attended the meeting, has also been revealed in which he is wearing the same ring.

It was viewed with great interest by political commentators and derisively linked to The Lord of the Rings, including political commentator Ekaterina Skillman.

He also wrote some other more interesting phrases referring to the work of JRR Tolkien.
This classic work also features JRR Tolkien’s character Sauron.

He gives the rings to the nine kings so that he can enslave them and rule as he pleases.

Ever since Putin sent troops into Ukraine, Ukrainian officials have been constantly comparing Russia to ‘Mordor’, Sauron’s empire. Ukrainian authorities also refer to the Russian troops as ‘Orks’, which were Sauron’s army.

“Certainly all this was done on purpose and at first glance this gift of rings looks like a ‘fever dream’,” Sacholman wrote on Telegram.

Yulia Latynina, another political commentator, described the gifts as “disempowering rings”, suggesting that President Putin is increasingly isolated after the invasion of Ukraine.

He wrote mockingly that ‘any ruler who wears this ring will go into darkness and be ruled by a madman.’
He further wrote that “I think President Putin only wears the ring himself, which is not for long.”

Similarly, other commentators are making light of the post-invasion situation in Ukraine and the gift of the rings, and mocking Putin.

“Putin is tired of trying to be a 21st-century Hitler and has decided to play Long of Rings,” wrote lawmaker Oleskyi Gancherenko.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peksov says in this regard that there is no need to look into the issue of gifts.
“It’s just New Year’s Eve, nothing special about it.”

He further wrote that “President Putin will not wear his ring.”

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