December 3, 2022

Essay on the special day of special people

People with physical disabilities have the ability to prove themselves in every field.

Special People

Special People

Sometimes it also happens that a pleasant breeze of fresh air passes by people, temporarily people are even shocked, but the world of suffocation remains the same. The residents of Shahr-e-Bina remain unaware of the magnificence that descends on their courtyard. The besieged are called from across the walls, but there is no movement in their closed doors. The rosy rays touch the edge of the eyelash and return back, but have no effect on vision. The purpose of all these protests is nothing but to make people aware of the inner anxiety and for this awareness, every year under the auspices of the United Nations, the “International Day of Persons with Disabilities” is celebrated on December 3, which The aim is to solve the problems of special people and give them an honorable place in the society, because compassionate treatment of mentally and physically disabled people is not only our religious and moral duty, but also a social and social responsibility. In 1992, the United Nations presented a resolution, which appealed to the United Nations that special people around the world have the right to live like other people. This day has been celebrated for the past 30 years. , but has there been a big change in the world of special people? From the perspective of backward countries, the answer to this question is negative. This day passes like a pleasant breeze, but the fact is that there is no reduction in the pollution and suffocation of the atmosphere. This infected environment cannot be changed until there is a positive change in people’s attitudes, knowing the cause of disability of special people and fixing it in a positive way. This year, this day is being celebrated with the theme, It is “Transformative Solutions For Inclusive Development: The Role Of Innovation In Fueling An Accessible And Equitable World”. In fact, this theme calls on people around the world to take concrete and systematic steps to solve the problems faced by special people. , which include all kinds of construction and development. Also, a world should be created, which is within the reach of all and where everyone is treated equally. Here the question arises, what is disability? In general terms, disability refers to a physical or mental condition that limits a person’s activities, senses and movements. Due to disability, the social interaction of the affected person becomes less important and he is unable to play his full role in the society. Disability can also be congenital and sometimes an accident or illness also causes it. According to a recent report released by the World Bank, “15 percent of people worldwide suffer from some form of disability and face difficulties in playing their full role in society.” Another institution, “Library”. According to the latest (2022) report of “Of Disability Statistics Publications”, “65 crore people of the world are living with some kind of disability.” Pakistan’s statistics regarding special persons cannot be declared certain. However, according to the United Nations subsidiary UNDP, 6.2 percent (about two hundred million) people of Pakistan are suffering from some kind of disability. According to other institutions, the actual number is much higher. Also important here is the question, “Are people suffering from any kind of disability?” So overall depression is the most common among people under the age of sixty, followed by hearing and vision problems.

The problems and difficulties of special people are in their place, but they should not give up in front of their disability. Continue the journey of life with courage, courage and determination. Treat your disability as a matter of life and death, not as a coercion. Keep in mind that this suffering is not a punishment from Allah, but a test, and in this test only those people succeed, who are aware of the meaning of patience and gratitude. These are the people who, when they are deprived of a blessing, are patient and grateful to Allah when they are given a blessing. Nature takes something and tries it both ways. Allah has created life and death so that people can be tested. Remember, life is the period in which the test is taken and death is the announcement of the end of the test and the test requires us to use our body and all the organs properly. In this sense, a real disabled person is not one who is deprived of a limb, but a person who does not use his limbs properly is a real disabled person. Allama Iqbal, the poet of the East, has also mentioned this real disability. He suffered from blindness in the last period of his life. In this period, he wrote that beautiful poem, in which he talked about his blindness, but also pointed to those people who are called sighted, but are actually deprived of vision.

People with physical disabilities have the ability to prove themselves in every field. There are many people in front of us, who never let their disability hinder their path and have done something that is unprecedented in history. Below is a brief introduction of some such great personalities.

Helen Keller:

was an American woman, who was born in 1880 and died in 1968. Helen lost her hearing and vision at the age of one and a half years. Despite this, he pursued higher education and worked for the rights of special persons. She was a great writer. His book “The Story of My Life” is considered as one of the best books in English.

Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882-1945):

Roosevelt was crippled by polio and served as President of the United States from 1933 until his death. He led his country in the Second World War.

Stephen Hawking (1942-2018):

He belonged to Britain. He was unable to walk due to a neurological disease, while he was also speechless. No part of the body below the neck could move. He was an expert in the subject of physics and is considered one of the great figures in the world of research.

Sheikh Ahmad Yasin (1937-2004):

Sheikh Ahmad Yasin belonged to Palestine. He suffered an accident at the age of 16, which affected his spinal cord. Despite spending his entire life in a wheelchair, he was a great religious scholar and the founder of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas. He was martyred in an Israeli airstrike.

John Forbes Nash (1928-2015):

He belonged to America. He was a world-renowned mathematician, but he was suffering from schizophrenia. His entire life was spent fighting this disease. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1994.

Muhammad Ali Clay (1942-2016):

Muhammad Ali was the greatest boxer in the history of the world. He suffered from Dyslexia since childhood. It should be noted that in this disease there is difficulty in recognizing words and reading. Suffered from eczema in later life, but continued social activities.

Frida Kahlo (1907-1954):

The woman belonged to Mexico. At the age of six, he contracted polio, but he never let his disability get in the way. He is one of the great painters of the world. To be clear, in 2002, a film was also made on Frida Kahlo in Hollywood, in which the role of Frida was played by Salma Hayek.

Sheikh Umar Abdul Rahman (1938-2017):

Sheikh Umar belonged to Egypt. He was a great religious scholar, but he was blind. Studied from Jamia Al-Azhar. In the United States, he was sentenced to life imprisonment by declaring him an extremist jihadist. He died in North Carolina (USA).

Lewis Carroll (1832-1898):

He belonged to Britain. He was suffering from autism, a neurological disease. Due to this disease, the ability to speak was severely affected, while one ear was also deprived of the power of hearing. Despite this, he was a world-renowned author. The famous children’s book “Alice in the Wonderland” is his masterpiece.

Louis Burrell (1809-1852)

Louis was totally blind. He introduced a special system for the education of the blind, which is still used today and is known by his name.

All these people were figures of determination and courage. A lot can be learned from his life. Even today, these people are trying to wake up our feelings and conscience by shouting. We have to rise up and step towards a world where everyone has equal opportunities to live and progress and no one is humiliated and humiliated on the basis of mental or physical disability.

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