Conflict turning into war is dangerous for everyone

China and Russia have become very close in the past years due to the harsh and aggressive approach of the United States and Western countries.

US VS china

Whenever there are fears of a Cold War, a world war or a civil conflict turning into a regular war, or when natural disasters become difficult for the world to overcome, understanding between the major world powers to solve problems. , the dialogue process becomes inevitable and the kind of crisis the world is currently facing, especially the crisis in the economic field, has made these meetings even more necessary. The meeting was held, in which it was determined that there would be a cold war, nor would the atmosphere of competition between the great powers be allowed to turn into conflict. It should be clear that this is the first meeting in three years between the leaders of the two major countries, the United States and China. which took place in the Indonesian island of Bali. The US and Chinese presidents were scheduled to attend the G-20 conference in Bali. But Biden and Xi Jinping met before the conference, which had an impact on the decisions of the conference. The purpose of the meeting was to find ways of reconciliation in today’s turbulent times, in which both the leaders appeared to be very useful.

Taiwan is a conflict between the US and China that has undoubtedly been in focus, but in fact the Russian-Ukrainian war, now more than nine months old, is central to the meeting of the elders. Remember, the Russian The President, Vladimir Putin did not participate in this conference. Russia’s attack on Ukraine caused a wave of severe recession in the world and the energy crisis that arose, how could these great powers ignore the economy of their own countries. This war has had very negative effects. Remember, President Xi Jinping has been elected president for the third time, now thanks to the confidence of the Communist Party and the nation, it will be easier for him to make decisions, while President Biden also shared with more confidence that the American The mid-term elections have been held and his party’s performance has been decent. Now apparently there is no obstacle in the decisions for the external front, that’s why the three-hour long meeting between the heads of the two major powers was a message of peace for the world.

China and Russia have become very close in the past years due to the harsh and aggressive approach of the United States and Western countries. In this regard, President Putin and President Xi Jinping also had many meetings. Remember, China and Russia to reduce the effects of Western sanctions. It is also buying cheap oil and it also joined Russia in the United Nations. In this meeting, President Xi Jinping expressed serious concern over the war in Ukraine and said, “The war has lasted too long, now it must end.” Whether the United States has agreed with it or not, the voice of the developing countries is that the military destruction of this war is in its place and reprehensible, but the way it has made the world economically weaker and forced, This military and economic conflict between the West and Russia has had a very bad effect on the United States. President Putin must have realized after this meeting that despite having a large supply of oil, gas and wheat. The cruel, indiscriminate use of is not appropriate at all. Maghrab is no longer just their issue, it has now become a worldwide problem. There is hardly anyone who Don’t get tired of Ren’s battle.

However, after the meeting of President Xi Jinping, it can now be hoped that he will be able to convince the Russian President for a suitable solution. The real conflict between the US and China is over Indo-China, Taiwan, in which the chairperson of the US Senate. During the visit, the bitterness ran high, with the Chinese president clearly calling Taiwan the first red line and calling on the US to stick firmly to the “one China policy” or China would use it as an internal matter. will deal with However, President Biden has reiterated the “one China policy”, but he said that “in the event of an attack on Taiwan, the United States will defend it.” But most experts are of the opinion that after this dialogue, the two countries will The tension has come to a standstill and currently there is no danger of a clash between the two major powers in the region. The truth is that the real competition between the US and China is in the economic arena as the two are the largest trading partners in the world, which is close to eight billion dollars. For the past years, America has been losing money and it blames it on China’s policies. The former American president, Trump, not only made a lot of noise about it, but also made many agreements with China for this reason, so that a Chinese and American trade balance can be created. The US, along with Russia, accuses China of cyber aggression against it, which China has vehemently denied. But, an important question is, what does China want from America and what does America expect from China? Before answering this question, let’s say that Joe Biden and Xi Jinping have a very good mental harmony with each other. It is said that when these two were vice presidents, their conversation would last for six to six hours, from sitting on the couch to walking. Both of them had special tolerance for each other and called each other as friends. Therefore, the opinion of most of the experts is that the current visit of the two leaders will also bring positive results, which is certainly a good news for the world, especially for countries like us, whose foreign managers and experts need every The time is ticking so that the balance in the matter of big powers is not disturbed. While China has always advised the Pakistani leadership to maintain better and beneficial relations with the US, Chinese leaders also advise that their countries, including India, Maintain normal relations with all peers. Now it can be said unfortunately that his leadership is not able to do this for the benefit and better life of millions of people.

As for China’s expectations of America and America’s expectations of China, China has now reached a point of development where it demands to be allowed to play a central role in world affairs. should be given weight, that’s why the president, Xi Jinping, said that “the land is so vast that it provides opportunities for both the United States and China to develop equally.” On the other hand, the United States also largely agrees with China on this issue. appears. However, he also wants the world to continue under the same system he created after World War II. After Deng Xiaoping, China made great sacrifices to strengthen itself, especially in terms of financial and economic systems. He has a right to assert his position globally.

Despite his close friendship with Russia over Ukraine, President Xi Jinping’s public concern and talk of an early end to the war bemoans his insistence that there should be competition between countries, not conflict and war. President Putin was not attending the Bali conference, but his right-hand man and embattled foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, was representing Russia, so surely he must have conveyed this to his leader. On the other hand, if we talk about the conference, then the “G-20, Bali Conference” revolved around the Ukraine war. Therefore, in its declaration, it also condemned the war to stop it immediately and to reduce the economic effects of the war. There has been talk of giving more aid and facilities to the developing countries. Most of the G-20 countries belong to the Western bloc and those who are not, they are also covered by the negative effects of the war. No country is happy about this. That they went through another economic test immediately after the global epidemic and suffered from the grief and anger of their people. In European countries, the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, played a very active role in this regard. He has close relations with every party, especially China. The meeting with the President was considered important, experts say that in this meeting, he informed the Chinese President of the serious reservations of Europe. In addition, it is also felt that those who sympathize with Russia, their scale. Patience was getting tired now. Perhaps that is why Russia said that “the American allies tried to politicize the announcement of the conference,” but it appears that most of the countries of the world agree on the end of this war and stabilization of the world’s economic situation. are seen

On the other hand, if we talk about another important global issue, Donald Trump has announced his participation in the 2024 presidential election. In this regard, he has also completed legal procedures. Trump says, “If the Republican Party If he succeeds in getting a majority in the mid-term election of the House of Representatives and the state governor, then he will once again contest for the office of the president. It has started since then. Although we are currently a nation that is going towards decline, but I am announcing my candidacy to make America great and glorious again. He elaborated on his favorite topics, including border security, energy independence, crime, etc. Trump’s announcement has made him the first presidential candidate and he has become the first front runner of his own and other parties. Remember, this announcement has come at a time when Trump’s party is in a position to take the lead in the House of Representatives. A large number of experts seem to agree that Trump’s voters are still with him today. Especially his slogan of “America First” is very popular with the public. It is obvious that the American people, especially The middle class, hit hard economically by first the global financial crisis, then the pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine, wants America’s economic recovery to go faster. The main accusation of Trump’s opponents is that he made immorality, misbehavior common in politics, threw the turbans of his political rivals, made false accusations and above all, because of him, we see such division in the American society. I, which has never been seen before, many negative effects are also coming to light. Trump came out as a nationalist leader, who does not care about a country like the United States containing immigrants. Today, the intensity of nationalism that is increasing in the Western world and Europe is headed by Trump. During his tenure, Trump appointed three Supreme Court judges, who are very important in this system. In addition, he gave tax breaks to the people, but the corona virus has caused a severe test for him. It is said that a large number of Americans The death was due to Trump’s poor policy, but it is also a fact that the first vaccine for coronavirus was developed by his efforts and during Trump’s tenure. And millions of Americans had been vaccinated before they left. Well, it cannot be ignored that on the foreign front, Americans and Western allies give Trump credit for making a workable peace deal in the Middle East. During the Doha talks, it was decided that the US would withdraw from Afghanistan by September last year. It will be really interesting to see where Trump takes his campaign now, as he is said to be a go-getter, but no longer as apolitical or inexperienced as he once was. .

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